Let’s Hike, Delafield!

We’re challenging Delafield and our surrounding community to hike 1,000 miles collectively during the month of October. All abilities are welcome, and every mile you walk or hike gets us closer to our goal. Join us!

How it works:

  • RSVP
    • Fill out this form (or scroll down) to register
    • The first 100 people to RSVP receive a small notebook to keep
    • You’ll also get
      • Encouraging emails
      • Progress updates on our goal
      • Notifications for pop-up hikes that Ms. Andrea will lead
  • Keep track of your miles using either
    • The form we provide
    • A phone app
    • Or any other way that works for you
  • Let us know how many miles you walked or hiked
    • We’ll have a short form for you to fill out at the library
    • You can report weekly or at the end of the month

Other things you can do:

  • Sign up for the Ice Age Trail Mammoth Hike Challenge
    • When you hike 42 miles and visit three trail communities, you’ll get a special patch
    • Your miles can count for both programs!
    • Click here for details.
  • Join the BioBlitz
    • A BioBlitz is a hike where you record as many plants and animals as you can identify
    • It is part of the Wisconsin Science Festival, and not required for the hike
    • If you’d like to be a citizen scientist and report your observations on the trail, let us know in the RSVP form below
  • Join us for the Kickoff Event or group hikes throughout the month
    • Scroll down to see all related October events
    • Be sure to RSVP to be notified about any additional hikes we add

Fill out the form below to RSVP for Let’s Hike, Delafield or the BioBlitz.

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