Test Proctoring and Exam Monitoring

Instructions to test takers

The staff of the Delafield Library encourages people to continue learning throughout their lifetimes, and is willing to service patrons who wish to take written (only) examinations given by educational institutions. The responsibility for arranging the exam-taking is the testee’s.

First, make sure that your institution agrees with the following conditions:

  • A staff member will monitor, but not continuously oversee (“proctor”), the test-taker. If absolute surveillance is required for taking the test, then the institution and testee should look elsewhere.
  • The exam must be taken during regular open hours, and must be completed 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • The library will not provide extraordinary security for the exam after completion or interruption. At the conclusion of the exam, the library will return the exam to the institution either by email or U.S. Postal Service at the next regularly scheduled pick-up at the library. The test taker is responsible for postage.
  • Exams will be taken in a windowed study room (which may be reserved) OR at a table in the general seating area. Because this is a public space, no assurance of quietness can be given. If you think a separate room is necessary, make a reservation as early as possible.
  • All exam-taking instructions and forms must be received from the issuing institution before any tests are given. The monitor will enforce any reasonable restrictions issued by the institution, including time limit, use of materials, etc.
  • If you expect to be granted accommodation during the test taking for a special need, this must be requested in writing by the giver of the test, and must be communicated to the library before the date of the test. The library cannot use its own staff to facilitate an accommodation; however, a third party may be used, if approved.

Second, observe the following procedure:

  • Once you have talked to your institution, make arrangements with the library. Do this as far ahead of time as possible.
  • When you come to take the exam, you must present a photo ID. You are expected to come with the necessary exam-taking supplies. You must surrender any electronic devices, unless specifically allowed, in writing, by the institution.
  • You are liable for any printing or postage costs.
  • You must complete the examination within the time limit set by the institution. No exceptions.

Test Proctoring and Exam Monitoring Policy PDF

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