Zero Day: A John Puller novel by David Baldacci


Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

It’s a fast paced read that borders on the incredulous but is definitely worth staying up all night to finish. Postmen Howard Reed sets out to deliver a package but stumble into a crime scene. One of the people in the house was military with top secret clearance, and with national security at risk, John Puller is sent in to investigate. The local deputy knows she needs help and reluctantly lets Puller into the investigation once he singlehandedly disables a meth lab they discover across from their crime scene. Together they race against time and deceptions to discover what secrets this seemingly innocent town could be hiding that would warrant killing two entire families and a police officer.
What makes this story so engrossing is John Puller; he is a combat veteran with medals, accommodations, and the background training to have become a general but decided to turn all of that training towards investigating military crimes. Criminal Investigations Department Agent John Puller is the best of the best. He finds himself in harrowing positions facing off against seemingly impossible odds and yet with a garbage bag, an old telephone, and nerves of steel he saves the world.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC BALDACCI)

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