Wonder (2017)

Reviewed by Jen Bremer and Lily the Kid (Library Staff)

My daughter, Lily (age 9), and I watched the beautiful new film adaptation of “Wonder” for our weekly Family Movie Night. Below is her critique of the film.

Augie is super nice. He’s the main character and has an illness that scarred his face. He lives with his mom, dad, sister, and dog.

Augie teaches everyone in his life how to be kind just by being kind to them. Its super important to be kind to people and never be a bully. Bullying is bad and makes people sad. Don’t be a bully. Ever.

Oh, and Augie’s teacher is played by the actor who was Lafayette in Hamilton! HE’S SUPER AWESOME! (Lily insisted this must be in CAPS.)

You should totally watch Wonder and read the book. They’re both really, really, really, really great!

*Mom Note: As a mom, I welcome any film that I can enjoy just as much as my kiddo, and has a positive message. This film is brilliantly done and shows not just Augie’s life, but rounds out those of his sister, her best friend, Augie’s friends, and the ensemble cast of adults. It’ll have you laughing and crying. Definitely add Wonder to your Family Movie Night and don’t forget the popcorn!

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