While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell


Reviewed by Judy B. (Library Staff)

I grabbed this retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ story Briar Rose (more well know as Sleeping Beauty) on the advice of several library patrons, as well as the wonderful on-line reviews. I could not have been more disappointed. It was dark, grim, depressing and irritatingly slow. I found myself skimming entire pages looking for something interesting to happen. The narrator is a dull farm girl that (unbelievingly) rises up through the ranks of the court to be the handmaiden of the Queen. The only interesting character was the occasional appearance of an evil old woman (not a fairy here but the grandmother). She “cursed” the child Rose’s life through espionage, murder and maliciousness.
The dull uninspired “twist” at the end only reinforced my disappointment.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC BLACKWELL)

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