What Happened to the Bennetts by Lisa Scottoline

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

What Happened to the Bennetts is Lisa Scottoline’s latest novel about a family who suffers a great injustice and the lengths the father, Jason Bennett, will go to right the scales as best as can be done given the circumstances. Parents have been known to exhibit otherworldly strength in times of crisis and Bennett is one of them. There is an apt quote at the beginning of part two, “The fight don’t stop until the casket drop.”

When numerous people in positions of power turn on Bennett instead of helping him, which, by law they are required to do, he feels hopeless to protect the ones he loves. He’d been a relatively complacent man before his family’s tragedy, he didn’t rock the boat, he chose a safe life. However, his hopelessness morphs into anger and anger can be productive. Jason has never in his life had more of a reason to fight and he needs to rise to the occasion because this fight really won’t stop until someone’s casket drops. The book asks the reader to consider, would you shelter in place waiting, hoping people will do the right thing to save the lives of your family or would you do anything you could to fight back?

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC SCOTTOLINE)

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