Weekly Book List: Week 8 (Animals on the Cover)

whispererDeath of a Dog Whisperer / Laurien Berenson

When her aunt’s dog-whispering protâegâe is found dead, Melanie Travis must help sort through the growing list of suspects to find the killer, all while juggling motherhood, marriage, and her six beloved poodles. (FIC BERENSON)


bombshellThe Cat who Dropped a Bombshell / Lilian Jackson Braun

Koko’s strange new hobby of dropping himself from balconies has landed him in the oddest of places–on the head of a young visitor whose wealthy relatives soon fall deathly ill, making Qwill have his work cut out for him. (FIC BRAUN)


love-dogsMust Love Dogs / Claire Cook

Anticipating her first date in more than a decade, divorced preschool teacher Sarah Hurlihy wonders about the man whose personal ad she responded to and is stunned when he is the last person she expected. (FIC COOK, CLAIRE)


electricElectric Barracuda / Tim Dorsey

An adventurous romp through the Sunshine State’s bayous and back roads ensues when brazen killer Serge Storms is pursued by a police task force, a fugitive run that is complicated by his grandfather’s beach gang’s dwindling finances. (FIC DORSEY)


ingredientThe Secret Ingredient / Jane Heller

Realizing that her marriage has gone stale, Elizabeth Baskin, a professional perfectionist, finds the solution to her problems in a packet of miracle herbs, which she feels will restore her husband to his former glory. (FIC HELLER)


tuckerChristmas with Tucker / Greg Kincaid

In 1962, Kansas is reeling from the worst blizzard in recent memory. During this hard time, twelve-year-old George loses his father and must quickly mature to oversee the family farm. However, when his mother and sister leave for Minnesota, George befriends Tucker, an Irish setter, and learns the facets of manhood. (FIC KINCAID)

augustThe Dry Grass of August / Anna Jean Mayhew

When 13-year-old Jubie Watts goes on a Florida vacation with her family in 1954, Mary, the family’s black maid who’s closer to Jubie than her own mother, comes along, and though the family lives in North Carolina, Jubie notices the changing way Mary’s received the further south they travel. After a tragedy befalls the family, Jubie’s eyes are opened to the harsh realities of racism and the importance for standing up for one’s beliefs. (FIC MAYHEW)

hareThe Year of the Hare / Arto Paasilinna

While out on an assignment, Finnish journalist Vatanen and his photographer accidentally hit a hare with their car. Sympathetic and guilty, Vatanen sets off to find the wounded animal. After nursing the hare back to health, the journalist’s view of the world changes, giving him a renewed sense of purpose in life. (FIC PAASILINNA)

rainCold Rain / Craig Smith

Life couldn’t be better for David Albo, an associate professor of English at a small mid-western university. As he returns to the university after a long and relaxing sabbatical, there’s a full professorship in the offing – and, what’s more, he’s managed to stay off the booze for two whole years. But, once term begins, things deteriorate rapidly. (FIC SMITH, CRAIG)

saintThe Patron Saint of Lost Dogs / Nick Trout

Returning home to Eden Falls, Vermont, to revive his late father’s failing veterinary practice and then quickly sell it, Cyrus Mills finds his plans changing when he begins feeling invested in the community and the relationships he forms. (FIC TROUT)

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