Weekly Book List: Week 6 (Color in Title)


Golden Son / Pierce Brown

After winning the Institute in Red Rising , Darrow has pinned his star to that of Mars governor Augustus. He continues to work toward the goal with which he started this journey: bring down the society that subjugates his people and empowers a mostly spoiled and vicious ruling class. (FIC BROWN, PIERCE)

tentThe Red Tent / Anita Diamant

The story of Dinah, a tragic character from the Bible whose great love, a prince, is killed by her brother, leaving her alone and pregnant. The novel traces her life from childhood to death, in the process examining sexual and religious practices of the day, and what it meant to be a woman. (FIC DIAMANT)

oleanderWhite Oleander / Janet Fitch

At the age of 12, Astrid has her world blown away when her mother is sentenced to life in prison for murdering her lover. Sharpened by harsh foster home environments, Astrid remakes herself as a survivor, and ultimately, an artist. (FIC FITCH)


friedFried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe / Fannie Flagg

Mrs. Threadgoode’s tale of two high-spirited women of the 1930s, Idgie and Ruth, helps Evelyn, a 1980s woman in a sad slump of middle age, to begin to rejuvenate her own life. (FIC FLAGG)


queenThe White Queen / Philippa Gregory

A tale of the Wars of the Roses follows Elizabeth Woodville, who ascends to royalty and fights for the well-being of her family, including two sons whose imprisonment in the Tower of London precedes a devastating unsolved mystery. (FIC GREGORY)


coatThe Girl in the Red Coat / Kate Hamer

It’s every parent’s nightmare: Beth, a single mother, takes her 8-year-old daughter, Carmel, to a local festival for some fun and frivolity and she vanishes. What follows is an unusual and terrifying journey for them both. (FIC HAMER)


scarletThe Scarlet Letter / Nathaniel Hawthorne

In early colonial Massachusetts, a young woman endures the consequences of her sin of adultery and spends the rest of her life in atonement. (FIC HAWTHORNE)


devilThe Devil in the White City / Erik Larson

An account of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 relates the stories of two men who shaped the history of the event–architect Daniel H. Burnham, who coordinated its construction, and serial killer Herman Mudgett. (364.1523 LAR)


violetsViolets are Blue / James Patterson

Alex Cross joins forces with a female San Francisco detective to investigate a pattern of murders occurring across the country that draws him into the bizarre subculture of ritual role-playing and vampirism. (FIC PATTERSON)


spoolA Spool of Blue Thread / Anne Tyler

Three generations of Whitshanks have lived in the family home in Baltimore since the 1920s, in which they have loved, squabbled, protected secrets, had children, and, in some cases, led inauthentic lives. (FIC TYLER)

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