Weekly Book List: Week 51 (Lesser Known Works of Famous Authors)

Romola / George Eliot

In the Florence of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Romola falls in love with a handsome, seemingly intellectual young man, but as their marriage disintegrates, Romola becomes intrigued by Savonarola and his teachings. (FIC ELIOT)


The Beet Queen / Louise Erdrich

Orphaned fourteen-year-old Carl and his eleven-year-old sister, Mary, travel to Argus, North Dakota, to live with their mother’s sister, in this tale of abandonment, sexual obsession, jealousy and unstinting love. (FIC ERDRICH)


Good as Gold / Joseph Heller

Dr. Bruce Gold, a forty-eight-year-old Jewish professor of English, faces the possibilities of being appointed to a high State Department position and being disowned by his family. (FIC HELLER)


For Whom the Bell Tolls / Ernest  Hemingway

The story of an American fighting in the Spanish Civil War, his loyalty and courage and his eventual disillusionment with love and defeat. (FIC HEMINGWAY)


Black Swan Green / David Mitchell

A meditative novel of a young boy on the cusp of adulthood follows a single year in the life of thirteen-year-old Jason Taylor as he grows up in what is for him the sleepiest village in Worcestershire, England, in 1982. (FIC MITCHELL)


Lost Laysen / Margaret Mitchell

The author’s letters to an old flame and photographs accompany a romantic saga of a stormy love triangle and characters torn between passion and honor, whose lives are forever altered by a terrible catastrophe. (FIC MITCHELL)


The Violent Bear It Away / Flannery O’Connor

A back country orphan struggles to defy his uncle’s prophesy that he will become a Baptist prophet. (FIC O’CONNOR)


Franny and Zooey / J.D. Salinger

Two children of the Glass family appear in separate stories laid in twentieth-century New York. (FIC SALINGER)



The Silmarillion / J.R.R. Tolkien

The Silmarillion tells of the Elder Days, or the First Age of the World, and is the history of the rebellion of Fëanor, the most gifted of the Elves, and his people against the gods, their exile in Middle-earth, and their war against the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, for the recovery of the Silmarils, the jewels containing the pure light of Valinor. (FIC TOLKIEN)

The Reef / Edith Warton

Anna Leath, an American widow living in France, has engaged in a love affair with George Darrow, a diplomat. However, when Darrow is on his way to consolidate marriage plans at Anna’s French chateau, he encounters Sophy Viner, who is as sprightly and spontaneous as Anna is restrained and demure. Soon after, Anna’s affair with Darrow becomes the reef on which the lives of four people are in extreme danger of foundering. (FIC WARTON)

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