Weekly Book List: Week 43 (Biography/Memoir)

America’s Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis / Sarah Bradford

A portrait of an American icon chronicles the rise of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from “debutante of the year” in 1947 through her subsequent high-powered marriages to JFK and Aristotle Onassis. (921 ONASSIS)


Freedom: My Book of Firsts / Jaycee Dugard

In the follow-up to her #1 bestselling memoir, A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard tells the story of her first experiences after years in captivity: the joys that accompanied her newfound freedom and the challenges of adjusting to life on her own. (921 DUGARD)


American Wife: Love, War, Faith, and Renewal / Taya Kyle

The widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle shares their private journey, a moving and universal chronicle of love and family, service and patriotism, grief and sacrifice, faith and purpose. (921 KYLE)


John Adams / David McCullough

Chronicles the life of America’s second president, including his youth, his career as a Massachusetts farmer and lawyer, his marriage to Abigail, his rivalry with Thomas Jefferson, and his influence on the birth of the United States. (921 ADAMS)


A Great and Terrible Beauty: Edward I and the Forging of Britain / Marc Morris

Describes the later part of the life of Englands King Edward I, who travelled to the Holy Land, conquered Wales, raised one of the greatest armies of the Middle Ages, fathered fifteen children, and expelled the Jews from his kingdom. (921 EDWARD)


Cleopatra: A Life / Stacey Schiff

Separates fact from fiction to reconstruct the life of the most influential woman of her era, revealing Cleopatra as a complex woman and shrewd monarch whose life and death reshaped the ancient world. (921 CLEOPATRA)


The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt / T.J. Stiles

A biography of the combative man whose genius and force of will created modern capitalism, documenting how Vanderbilt helped launch the transportation revolution, propel the Gold Rush, reshape Manhattan, and invent the modern corporation. (921 VANDERBILT)


The Sound of Gravel / Ruth Warnier

An account of the author’s coming-of-age in a polygamist Mormon Doomsday cult describes her childhood on a Mexico hills farm as one of her father’s more than 40 welfare-dependent children, the extreme religious beliefs that haunted her daily life and her escape in the aftermath of a devastating tragedy. (921 WARNIER)

Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography / Laura Ingalls Wilder

Presents Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unedited, and unpublished, draft of her autobiography that was written for an adult audience and eventually served as the foundation for her popular Little House on the Prairie series. (921 WILDER)


The Iron Lady: A Biography of Margaret Thatcher / Hugo Young

Traces the life of Britain’s controversial prime minister, explains how she became involved in politics, and looks at the accomplishments of her administration. (921 THATCHER)

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