Weekly Book List: Week 41 (Books mentioned in Gilmore Girls)

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America / Barbara Ehrenreich

Nickel and Dimed is a modern classic that deftly portrays the plight of America’s working-class poor. Author Barbara Ehrenreich decides to see if she can scratch out a comfortable living in blue-collar America. What she discovers is a culture of desperation, where workers often take multiple low-paying jobs just to keep a roof overhead. (305.569 EHR)

Middlesex / Jeffrey Eugenides

Calliope’s friendship with a classmate and her sense of identity are compromised by the adolescent discovery that she is a hermaphrodite, a situation with roots in her grandparent’s desperate struggle for survival in the 1920s. (FIC EUGENIDES)


Everything is Illuminated / Jonathan Safran Foer

Hilarious, energetic, and profoundly touching, a debut novel follows a young writer as he travels to the farmlands of eastern Europe, where he embarks on a quest to find Augustine, the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis, and, guided by his young Ukrainian translator, he discovers an unexpected past that will resonate far into the future. (FIC FOER)

The Diary of a Young Girl / Anne Frank

A timeless story that stands without peer, this definitive edition brings to life the world of a brilliant young girl who, for a time, survived the worst horrors the modern world has ever seen–and who remained triumphantly and heartbreakingly human throughout her ordeal. (921 FRANK)


Seabiscuit: An American Legend / Laura Hillenbrand

To look at Seabiscuit one would never know that he had the potential to become the most popular racehorse of the 20th century. But, thanks to the efforts of his owner, his dedicated trainer, and his jockeys, Seabiscuit made racing history despite his stunted legs and knobby knees. The team’s road to unimaginable fame and success (even President Roosevelt halted work to listen to the race between Seabiscuit and his foe, War Admiral) is the subject of this wildly popular and hugely compelling bestseller. (798.4009 HIL)

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West / Gregory Maguire

Set in an Oz where a morose Wizard battles suicidal thoughts, the story of the green-skinned Elphaba, otherwise known as the Wicked Witch of the West, profiles her as an animal rights activist striving to avenge her dear sister’s death. (FIC MAGUIRE)


The Razor’s Edge / W. Somerset Maugham

In 1918, Larry Darrell returns home from World War I disillusioned with his materialistic society. The quest for inner peace leads Larry to reject his rich fiancee, Isabel, and go searching for truth in the Himalayas. But, Larry learns that the path to enlightenment is as painful and narrow as treading the sharp edge of a razor. (FIC MAUGHAM)

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress / Dai Sijie

From the bleakness and horror of Mao’s inhumane Cultural Revolution, two boys and their little seamstress friend are forever transformed when the boys discover a secret stockpile of Western classic literature translated into Chinese. (FIC DAI)


Galapagos / Kurt Vonnegut

Observed by a ghost of the Vietnam War for one million years, the descendants of survivors of a cruise to the Galapagos Archipelago prove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. (FIC VONNEGUT)


Leaves of Grass / Walt Whitman 

Presents Whitman’s classic collection celebrating himself and the American experience. (811.3 WHI)

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