Weekly Book List: Week 31 (1st Book in a Series)

The Templar Legacy/ Steve Berry (Cotton Malone)

Former secret agent Cotton Malone and Stephanie Nelle, a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, must solve the mystery of fourteenth-century Templar riches and secrets before Raymond de Roquefort and his murderous allies prevail. (FIC BERRY)


The Lincoln Lawyer / Michael Connelly (Mickey Haller)

Mickey Haller, who represents some unsavory characters in his work as a defense lawyer, takes on his first high-paying and possibly innocent client in years, but finds the case complicated by events that suggest a particularly evil perpetrator. (FIC CONNELLY)


One for the Money / Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum)

When Stephanie Plum needs money (she’s been laid off, her Miata has been repossessed, her rent is due, etc.), she turns to bounty hunting for quick cash…even though she has no idea what to do and doesn’t own a gun. Luckily, her first quarry, an ex-cop accused of murder, turns out to be her first lover, with whom she still shares a powerful chemistry; unluckily, he’s better at getting away than she is at catching him. (FIC EVANOVICH)

The Perfect Husband / Lisa Gardner (Quincy and Rainie)

Presents the suspenseful, nerve-shattering story of a woman who puts her husband behind bars for the murders of ten women, only to become his intended next target when he escapes, and is forced to learn to fight back to save her own life. (PBK GARDNER)


Confessions of a Shopaholic / Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholic)

Financial journalist Rebecca Bloomwood seeks solace from the boredom and pressures in life with her shopping, a solution that brings her close to financial disaster, until she encounters a story that will change her life. (FIC KINSELLA)


The Shop on Blossom Street / Debbie Macomber (Blossom Street)

There’s a little shop on Blossom Street in Seattle. You go there to buy yarn, knitting supplies and patterns- and now you can join a knitting class. How to knit a baby blanket: that’s the first lesson. (PBK MACOMBER)


Chasing Perfect / Susan Mallery (Fool’s Gold) 

When she settles down in Fool’s Gold, California, city planner Charity Jones, who has a past rife with romantic disasters, is tempted to take a chance on the town’s most famous resident, former world-class cyclist Josh Golden. (PBK MALLERY)


Step on a Crack / James Patterson (Michael Bennett)

During a state funeral for a former First Lady at a New York City cathedral, armed men disguised as monks seize the church and dozens of hostages, and NYPD officer Michael Bennett takes on the dangerous role of lead negotiator in the standoff. (PBK PATTERSON)


Vision in White / Nora Roberts (Bride Quartet)

Wedding photographer Mackensie “Mac” Elliot is most at home behind the camera, but her focus is shattered moments before an important wedding rehearsal when she bumps into the bride-to-be’s brother–an encounter that has them both seeing stars–and has Mac turning to her three best friends and business partners to see her way to her own happy ending. (FIC ROBERTS, NORA)

The Kill Artist / Daniel Silva (Gabriel Allon)

The Israeli intelligence chief recalls two former agents to eliminate a top Palestinian terrorist. The former agents were once lovers and their pasts and their enemies come back to haunt them as the terrorist begins his campaign of murder. (FIC SILVA)


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