Weekly Book List: Week 29 (Translated Books)


Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s award-winning translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic chronicling the heroic adventures of Beowulf, the Scandinavian warrior who saves his people from the ravages of the monster Grendel and Grendel’s mother. (829.3 BEO)


The House of the Spirits / Isabel Allende

The Trueba family embodies strong feelings from the beginning of the 20th century through the assassination of Allende in 1973. (FIC ALLENDE)


A Man Called Ove / Fredrik Backman

A curmudgeon hides a terrible personal loss beneath a cranky and short-tempered exterior while clashing with new neighbors, a boisterous family whose chattiness and habits lead to unexpected friendship. (FIC BACKMAN)


The Stranger / Albert Camus

When a young Algerian named Meursault kills a man, his subsequent imprisonment and trial are puzzling and absurd. The apparently amoral Meursault–who puts little stock in ideas like love and God–seems to be on trial less for his murderous actions, and more for what the authorities believe is his deficient character. (FIC CAMUS)

My Brilliant Friend / Elena Ferrante

Beginning in the 1950s Elena and Lila grow up in Naples, Italy, mirroring two different aspects of their nation. (FIC FERRANTE)



The Odyssey / Homer

Chronicles the exploits and adventures of the warrior Odysseus as he struggles to return home to Ithaca and his beloved wife, Penelope, after the fall of Troy, in a free verse translation from a leading Homeric scholar. (883.01 HOM)


The Ice Princess / Camilla Lackberg

After she returns to her hometown to learn that her friend, Alex, was found in an ice-cold bath with her wrists slashed, biographer Erica Falck researches her friend’s past in hopes of writing a book and joins forces with Detective Patrik Hedstrom, who has his own suspicions about the case. (FIC LACKBERG)


1Q84 / Haruki Murakami

An ode to George Orwell’s “1984” told in alternating male and female voices relates the stories of Aomame, an assassin for a secret organization who discovers that she has been transported to an alternate reality, and Tengo, a mathematics lecturer and novice writer. (FIC MURAKAMI)


Midnight Sun / Jo Nesbo

He calls himself Ulf, and the only thing he’s looking for is a place where he won’t be found by Oslo’s most notorious drug lord: the Fisherman. He was once the Fisherman’s fixer, but after betraying him, Ulf is now the one his former boss needs fixed. The locals seem to accept Ulf’s explanation that he’s come to hunt. And a bereaved, taciturn woman and her curious, talkative young son supply him with food, the use of a cabin deep in the woods, a weapon– and companionship that stirs something in him he thought was long dead. (FIC NESBO)

Candide / Voltaire

The story of Candide, a naive youth who is conscripted, shipwrecked, robbed, and tortured by the Inquisition without losing his will to live, is accompanied by four other stories. (848 VOL)


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