Weekly Book List: Week 2 (Less than 200 Pages)

madonnaThe Case of the Missing Madonna / Lin Anderson

Brother Robert has requested Patrick de Courvoisier’s help in locating a valuable painting which has disappeared. At the same time, an old enemy from Patrick’s past has arrived in Cannes in search of a different stolen painting. Patrick’s enquiries lead him to uncover a shocking wartime secret… (FIC ANDERSON)

alchemistThe Alchemist / Paulo Coelho

A fable about undauntingly following one’s dreams, listening to one’s heart, and reading life’s omens features dialogue between a boy and an unnamed being. (FIC COELHO)


19141914 / Jean Echenoz

Five Frenchmen go off to war, two of them leaving behind a young woman who longs for their return, but the main character in this brilliant novel is the Great War itself. (FIC ECHENOZ)


seeSee Now Then / Jamaica Kincaid

In a haunting novel about marriage and family, a mother and father and their two children, living in a small village in New England, move, in their own minds, between the present, the past and the future. (FIC KINCAID)


springSpring in Sweetwater County / Ciara Knight

Forty years after the death of her true love, Judy Gaylord discovers he’s alive. With the guilt of her falling into the arms of his cousin to console her grief, she now must face the man she betrayed. (FIC KNIGHT)


redThe Red Notebook / Antoine Laurain

After finding an abandoned handbag on the street, a Parisian bookseller endeavors to find its owner, the woman whose jottings he discovers in a red notebook within the bag. (FIC LAURAIN)


buddhaThe Buddha in the Attic / Julie Otsuka

Presents the stories of six Japanese mail-order brides whose new lives in early twentieth-century San Francisco are marked by backbreaking migrant work, cultural struggles, children who reject their heritage, and the prospect of wartime internment. (FIC OTSUKA)


bestBest Friends Forever / Kimberla Lawson Roby

Tensions in Celine and Keith’s marriage are complicated by Celine’s diagnosis with breast cancer, a situation that strengthens her bond with best friend Lauren and forces her to make difficult decisions about her future. (FIC ROBY)


poorhouseThe Poorhouse Fair / John Updike

The inhabitants of a central New Jersey poorhouse argue about the decline of patriotism, tradition, and religion while participating in the activities of their annual fair. (FIC UPDIKE)


maidThe Maid’s Version / Daniel Woodrell

In 1929, Alma DeGeer Dunahew, the maid for a prominent family in Missouri, chases down justice after her younger sister is one of forty-two people killed in a mysterious explosion at a local dance hall. (FIC WOODRELL)

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