Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker

Reviewed by Jen Bremer (Library Staff)

Hard working, young single mother, Catherine Wright, has the world on her shoulders and trauma in her rearview mirror. She’s putting everything she has into raising her 5 year old daughter and living a quiet life. A quiet life that shatters when she saves the life of a man on a lonely stretch of road. Not just any man, however. Brett Madden is the son of Hollywood royalty and a hockey star in his own right. Suddenly, the trauma in Catherine’s rearview is dredged up front and center, but along with it comes a chance for romance and happiness.

The well written characters in the story are really what carry you through. The real scene stealer is Catherine’s daughter, Brenna. She adds hilarity and honesty that only a little kid can. The plot is an easy formula that works and the romance isn’t over the top. It’s a sweet story perfect for a quiet night in or a lazy vacation day on the beach.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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