Time Travel for Love and Profit by Sarah Lariviere

Reviewed by Taylor H (Library Staff)

I really wanted to love Time Travel for Love and Profit by Sarah Lariviere. The premise is great: Nephele “Fi” Weather has a terrible freshman year, so she invents a time travel app on her phone to give her a do-over. However, something goes wrong, and so she keeps trying, repeating ninth grade ten times. Overall, I liked the story’s plot, but I was certainly confused throughout. The science behind everything didn’t make sense to me, but science is not my strong point, so I wasn’t too concerned about that. I’m also not sure how the characters come to their big realizations and breakthroughs throughout. I just couldn’t follow the logic at times. (The book also creates science that doesn’t currently exist, so that probably added to the confusion).

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like or understand the main character either, which is probably the main reason this book did not succeed for me. At first, she attempts to redo freshman year to get her best friend back, but when she finally finds new friends, she pushes them away. And sometimes, she is just plain mean to people for no reason. Part of the problem here may be that the book does a massive time jump. In a book about time travel, that would normally be expected, but here we don’t see anything from the majority of Fi’s repeat freshman years. This causes readers to miss out on a huge chunk of her character arc. Because of this, it seems like her entire arc is crammed in the tenth redo, rather than occurring over the span of those ten years. Maybe that’s the case, but I would have thought there would have at least been some gradual change over that time. If you don’t mind massive time jumps and science concepts that are difficult to understand, this is an interesting read. Unfortunately, though, it just wasn’t my favorite.

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