This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

I love this author and his latest novel keeps me as one of his biggest fans!

This is a stand-alone book, not part of his Cork O’Connor series. It is set in 1932 northern Minnesota where two white orphan brothers, by chance, live at a horrific Indian training school.

Twelve-year-old Odie narrates with his goal to have a real home weaved throughout the book.

After a deadly crime is committed, the brothers, along with a mute Sioux boy and a little white girl, set out by canoe to escape the authorities and find Aunt Julia in St Louis.

Along the way they encounter the one-eyed pig scarer, a faith healer, a displaced family in a shanty town and other lost souls that are just trying to survive during the Great Depression.

This was a page turner for me. I needed to know how their journey concluded, but then was saddened when I finished, I want a sequel!

*****+ Five plus stars for this one, if you like historical fiction you will be enthralled.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC KRUEGER)

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