Theme Music by T. Marie Vandelly

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

Dixie Wheeler is a woman whose aura is permanently bruised by the fact that her father murdered her three brothers and mother, leaving her the lone survivor among a breakfast table of corpses. Wheeler, known as Baby Blue for the song playing on a continuous, ear-piercing loop when found by police, has since grown up but can’t scratch the itch that there’s more to her family’s morbid history than meets the eye. When her childhood home is on the market, she moves in and tries to recreate the past as best she can to aid her memory. When Wheeler begins hearing irregular sounds upstairs, sees objects in places she didn’t leave them and a particular pillow that ends up here, there, and then in the oven, she begins to think she’s losing her mind. I was exasperated for her, and wondered did she do it? Why doesn’t she remember? What’s up with these blackouts? I had serious doubts about the innocence of one of the main characters but the ending was more complex and satisfying than I could have imagined. This is T. Marie Vandelly’s first novel and I hope she plans to keep writing!

Available through Bridges Library System


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