The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Reviewed by Jane Oliver-Purton (Library Staff)

This is a wonderful story of a shipwrecked robot (ROZUM unit 7134) who finds herself deposited on an island inhabited by many animals, and who seems to have no way of escape. She is accidentally activated by a group of sea otters, and she tries to cope with her situation while being viewed as a monster by the other island inhabitants. Her adoption of an abandoned gosling starts the changes to Roz’s world, as those around her begin to accept her as a member of their society. After much is said and done, though, Roz know she does not belong here, and yearns to complete he original mission as a robot. Do not despair, dear reader, for though you will be left with an unsatisfying ending, there is more to come in this delightful story.

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC BROWN)

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