The Wendy Project by Melissa Osborne

Reviewed by Kelsey (Library Staff)

Wendy Davies is not crazy. After crashing her car into a lake one night with her two younger brothers, John and Michael, in the backseat everything has gotten messed up. Michael is missing and the adults in Wendy’s life are trying to convince her that he is gone, but he isn’t! She knows he’s not. It doesn’t help her case when she starts to have trouble separating fantasy and reality in her daily life. In an attempt to help her sort out her thoughts and feelings, her therapist gives her a sketchbook for “whatever you can’t say out there, whatever seems too crazy for this world” (p 9) and so, begins “The Wendy Project.”

A beautifully illustrated and written graphic novel about a young girl struggling to come to terms with a life changing experience. Utilizing the classic tale of Peter Pan in a new and stunning way, The Wendy Project tells an intimate story about grief and loss of innocence that is both heartbreaking and beautiful to read and see.

I would suggest this book for readers 10+ as there is no inappropriate language or actions taking place and is a must read for anyone struggling to deal with grief, or for those who enjoy gorgeous illustrations and captivating storytelling.

Located in Teen Graphic Novels (TEEN GRAPHIC OSBORNE)

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