The Transporter (2002)


Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)
Frank lives by three simple rules: 1. don’t alter the deal, 2. no names, and 3. don’t open the package. These three rules have made him the best transporter around. Need something taken from point A to point B, maybe something illegal? Not a problem as long as everyone follows the rules. The movie starts out with Frank proving just how serious the rules really are, when he picks up three felons outside of jail and only leaves with two.
The next job doesn’t go as smoothly as it could when Frank breaks one of his own rules and opens the package. What follows is a high octane action movie. Slowly we learn about Frank’s past and the skills that make him such a fantastic driver. Those skills put him in a unique position to rescue not only the package he was transporting but a cargo container full of people.
Beautiful scenery, a clear hero, well-choreographed action sequences, and enough character development to keep you engaged, make The Transporter a great excuse for a bowl of popcorn.

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