The Snowman (2017)

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

Michael Fassbender portrays the tormented detective Harry Hole with aplomb in The Snowman but his contribution is diminished by the chaos created with the parade of characters marching through the film. The volume overwhelms the viewer and makes it difficult to discern character depth and growth as well as the rich plot weaving it all together. The adaptation of the book to film resulted in many alterations, the largest of which was to cut short the life of one of the main characters whose story is intertwined with and influences Harry’s. Similar liberties were taken with the killer and portrayal of his childhood which, in the novel, really goes a long way towards explaining why he becomes and behaves as he does. All in all, to get the most out of this title I would suggest audiences invest their time and effort in the book over its cinematic interpretation.

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