The Sinking of the Vasa by Russell Freedman

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

The Vasa should have been the best ship ever built. The king of Sweden was sure it would be the flagship of his fleet and had only the best artisans, builders, architects, and crew appointed to work on it! However, it never made it out of the harbor! Who’s fault could it be? What could have happened? We are walked through the investigation and then flashed forward to modern times when the ship is raised and we see what an endeavor raising a huge sunken ship is and the rewards that comes from it as we are walked through restoration.

This nonfiction book is a great introduction to shipwrecks and will give its reader enough info to feel like they know what happened to the ship and also not overwhelm its school-aged reader with too much information! Best mix of narrative non-fiction for its intended audience, I could see this book catching the interest of many a reluctant reader.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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