The Mansky Caper (Board Game)

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

Big Al is going out of town and has left his great big mansion full of loot. How could any self-respecting gangster allow all that treasure to become lonely? You and a crew of mobsters decide it’s best to break in and steal all of Big Al’s loot before he gets back in town. However, Big Al isn’t the trusting sort and has used dynamite to booby trap each safe in every room. The best bet is to crack the safes and pull out what you can without being too greedy between trips to the car to stash your newly found riches.

I’ve really enjoyed every play of this smart and clever push your luck game. Players roll the dice to see how many tokens are taken out of a safe; the loot is split evenly between all the players in the room. The safes also contain dynamite that can explode and cause everyone to lose everything in you your loot pouch. This game is great for younger players 7 and up but also has enough decision making and variety to entertain adults making it a great addition to any family game night where you want to spend more time playing and less time reading rules or deep in strategy.

Located in Board Games (GAME MANSKY)

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