The Lunch Witch by Deb Lucke

Reviewed by Melissa Beck (Library Staff)

Grunhilda is a witch who comes from a long line of witches (most of whom live beneath her house and are loudly opinionated about how Grunhilda should be representing their family and craft). After losing her job at the Salem Haunted Museum for not being scary enough, Grunhilda begins a new career as an elementary school lunch lady. Her fear of being found out as a witch leads to her turning a student into a toad by accident and darkly humorous hijinks ensue as Grunhilda attempts to fix what she’s done.

Grunhilda is gruff and crusty and proud to be a witch but she also has a soft and caring soul that her ancestors do not approve of. Watching Grunhilda try to reconcile these two parts of herself was both charming and hilarious. The messy sketch art style and dark, faux-greasy pages in this children’s graphic novel were not something I thought I would like but they fit perfectly with Grunhilda and enhanced the atmosphere of the story.

Located in Children’s Graphic Novels (J GRAPHIC LUCKE)

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