The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Lynne Barnes

Reviewed by Jen Bremer (Library Staff)

Mysteries, lost children, mischief, and DOGS! This book has it all. I read it a single night and stayed up WAY past bedtime to do so. Teens Kira, Jude, and Free have learned Search and Rescue at the hands of one of the best and their mettle is about to be tested like never before. Kira was once a lost child in the forest, but upon being rescued after weeks on her own she has learned to survive and thrive in the “real world.” Yet part of her remains back in woods and that terrifies Kira. Jude is a forceful optimistic, often using it to hide his pain of not knowing who his father really is. Free is reckless and loving and fiercely protective – a free spirit who just wants to be needed and wanted. And they all work with their K9s in Search and Rescue. The dogs – Saskia, Pad, NATO, Dutchess, and Silver are beautifully written characters and help drive the story along.

Those who love a good mystery with a twisting ending and a slew of cute puppers will definitely love this book.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC BARNES)

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