The Knick (2014)

Reviewed by Rebecca (Library Staff)

The Knick is an historical fiction show set in a 1900 New York City hospital. The show follows the head doctor who has a cocaine habit and finds he can’t be at the top of his game without it. The show takes the history and medicine that is shown is highly accurate. Which leads to some gruesome and tragic results that were commonplace for the people of the 1900. For how barbaric and gory the medicine looks, the Knick and that point in history was a time of leaps and bounds in the discoveries and invention for surgery. There are also a good amount of personal drama between doctors and nurses and racial segregation (as one of the doctors is African American). Sadly the show was abruptly cancelled after the second season by Cinemax. Cinemax’s official statement was “We have decided to return Cinemax to its original primetime series fare of high-octane action dramas”. As sad as that is I still found The Knick to be well rounded and a fascinating show that I definitely recommend checking out.

Located in TV Series (TV SERIES KNICK SEASON 1)

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