The Ice Cream Machine by Adam Rubin

Reviewed by Andrea Bisordi (Library Staff)

What do a giant robot, a grouchy ice cream man, a strange professor, an alien, a sorcerer, and a cow named Bubbles have in common? I’m so glad you asked! They are all characters in Adam Rubin’s middle grade debut, The Ice Cream Machine. This is a fun collection of short stories, each with a different take on an ice cream machine. Each story takes you in a fun new direction.

Of the six stories, I think the second one with the ice cream eating contest was my favorite. There are only two humans in the story, and it was interesting to imagine what it might be like to live in a town with just you and a lot of talking animals. It’s also interesting to imagine what my own story about an ice cream machine might be like – and Mr. Rubin invites kids to write their own stories and send them to him! Also, watch for some elements that appear in every story, like a cherry tree and the number 347.

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC RUBIN)

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