The Dam by David Almond

Reviewed by Jane Oliver-Purton (Library Staff)

I don’t normally review picture books, but when The Dam by award winning David Almond came in my most recent book order, I knew it deserved a special mention. The Dam is the story of a last look by a father and daughter at an area that will soon be covered with water; a chance to remember the people who have been moved out of the area, the houses that were once homes to happy families, all the musicians who once played on that hill, and the wildlife that would never return. It is a time for the daughter to honor it all with the playing of her violin there one last time.

“This will be gone,” he told her.
“And this.”
“And this will be washed away.”
“And this will never be seen again.”
“And this will drown.”
“And these can never live here again.”

Although this seems a sad story (and part of it certainly is), it is also a story about what we treasure, and how things must change, and how we can make things better by honoring and remembering. In these days of fast and new and replaceable, and hurryhurryhurry, it is important to realize some things have to change, but they should be remembered.

Located in Children’s Picture Books (E ALMOND)

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