The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner & Beef Stew with Little Vegetables


“The girls were delighted with the meat and the little vegetables. With Henry’s knife they cut the meat into little pieces. Then they filled the kettle with water from the fountain and put the meat into it, with a tin plate for a cover.” ~The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Beef Stew with Little Vegetables


1 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 pound beef stew meat

4 cups water

1 1/2 tsp salt

8 small carrots, scrubbed

8 small onions

1 cup celery, chopped

8-10 small potatoes, scrubbed

1 turnip, sliced

2 cups tomato juice

1/3 cup flour

1 cup more water


  1. Put oil and meat in the large pan and cook over medium heat until the meat is brown.
  2. Carefully add water and salt. Turn the heat to high and bring to a boil. Cover. Turn the heat to low and cook for 1 hour, or until meat is tender. Stir every 15 minutes.
  3. Prepare vegetables–scrub the carrots and potatoes, peel the onions, wash and chop the celery, and peel and slice the turnip.
  4. When the meat is tender, add the vegetables and tomato juice. Turn the heat to medium. Cook for about 20 minutes until the vegetables are tender.
  5. Put 1 cup water and 1/3 cup flour into a pint jar. Cover tightly and shake until mixed. Add to stew. Stir. Cookk, stirring often, until the stew thickens.

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