The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel


Reviewed by Melissa Rader (Library Staff)


What I loved about this breathless adventure was the awesome setting–an enormous train bounding through Canada with accommodations befitting a turn-of-the-century ocean liner, the bevy of interesting characters (complete with circus “marvels”), and the slight whisper of fantasy alongside the roar of historical details.

Will Everett is joining his father (an important railway gentleman) on the maiden voyage of The Boundless when he gets himself into a scrape and winds up in the caboose, running for his life. He is taken in by the traveling circus and explores every car in the train (from colonists to third class to the mysterious funeral car of railway baron Cornelius Van Horne) as he makes his way back up to first class, disguised as a member of the circus.

This book for teens would also be appropriate for older elementary school readers–besides a small bit of violence it is overall a fun, clean adventure.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC OPPEL)


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