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Here is another edition of teen reviews from our fabulous teens participating in the summer reading program!

Carry On / Rainbow Rowell

Reviewed by Anonymous

I’ve read other books by Rainbow Rowell in the past (Fangirl and Eleanor and Park) and I have simply become in love with her writing. Carry On is a spinoff from Fangirl, and she truly does these characters justice in this novel. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, then you should try this out. The magical world she creates is very much like that of Harry Potter. The characters in this book are easy to fall in love with, as with their storylines. I highly recommend for all teens who love romance and light-hearted adventure.

Located in Fiction (FIC ROWELL)

The Wave / Todd Strasser

Reviewed by Anonymous

I liked the book overall. It was suspenseful and interesting because the whole thing was nonfiction. It’s hard to believe that an innocent teacher could accidentally start a club that brought back the terrors of World War II. More than anything, the book makes you feel sorry for Mr. Ross, the history teacher who started the Wave. Although this book is pretty good, it is not a stay up all night read because you’ll finish it before then. That is the one problem. The story is so complex, but the book is so short. The author could at least triple the books length. In the blurb, (summary on the back cover) it says that David Collins and Laurie Saunders set out to stop the wave. No. They write a mean news article about it and ask the teacher in charge if he knows what he is doing. Reading the book makes you want to see the movie. Don’t do it. If I could say everything that I wanted to about that movie I would have to turn this into a movie review. I would say more about the movie, but I won’t. (See two sentences before.) I will leave you with this, the book is good, the blurb is inaccurate, and the movie is terrible. Thanks for reading!

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Fires of Invention / J. Scott Savage

Reviewed by Jessica H

Fires of Invention is the first book of three, in the series Mysteries of Cove. This is the only one in the series that I have read, but I would definitely recommend it to all readers that love mysteries, and novels that keep you waiting in suspense, as you turn each page.

This adventurous book explains the journeys and struggles of Trenton Colman (the main character in the story). Trenton and his friends live in the city of Cove, where everyone believes it to be the last safe place on Earth. In this steam-powered city, that was dug out of the side of a mountain, everyone frowns upon creativity, new ideas, and inventions. From the first page of the book, you can see how this is a struggle for Trenton. His mind doesn’t see innovations and creative perspectives as harmful. Trenton believes that every new idea should be carefully evaluated, and he thinks that people’s thoughts and their knowledge shouldn’t be limited to what the leaders of Cove want them to be. As a result of all of this, Trenton feels like he stands out from the other people in Cove, and he often finds himself in tough situations, where he has to choose between being a normal citizen, or following his love for a mechanic life.

Then Trenton becomes friends with Kallista, and they start working together to piece together clues to find the real history of Cove. They start to realize that not all the stated reasons may be true ones, and that by continuing there adventures and research, they could be putting themselves at high risk. Throughout the book, Trenton and Kallista start to learn more about friendships, the mechanic life, and what the truth could mean for the rest of Cove.

This book definitely kept me reading, and was an enjoyable read that I found I really liked. If you enjoy adventure, mystery, and love being wrapped into a new story that keeps you reading for hours, I think you would love J. Scott Savage’s Fires of Invention.

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