#TBT: 1988

Popular books published in 1988

The Power of Myth / Joseph Campbell

Explores the common themes that underlie diverse religions of Eastern and Western cultures. (291.13 CAM)



The Cardinal of the Kremlin / Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan, CIA analyst, must rescue Colonel Filitov, America’s highest agent in the Kremlin, from the KGB as the race to build the first Star Wars missile defense system continues. (FIC CLANCY)


The Alchemist / Paulo Coelho

A fable about undauntingly following one’s dreams, listening to one’s heart, and reading life’s omens features dialogue between a boy and an unnamed being. (FIC COELHO)


Matilda / Roald Dahl

Child genius, Matilda, applies her untapped mental powers to rid the school of the evil, child-hating headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, and restore her nice teacher, Miss Honey, to financial security. (J FIC DAHL / J PBK DAHL)


The Book of Ruth / Jane Hamilton

Having come within an inch of her life, Ruth Dahl is determined to take a good look at it — to figure out whether, in fact, she’s to blame for the mess. Pegged the loser in a small-town family that doesn’t have much going for it in the first place, Ruth grows up in the shadow of her brilliant brother, trying to hold her own in a world of poverty and hard edges. (FIC HAMILTON)

The Silence of the Lambs / Thomas Harris

FBI trainee Clarise Starling is assigned to interview a brilliant, imprisoned psychopathic killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She needs him to bring in a psychotic serial killer. (FIC HARRIS)


A Brief History of Time / Stephen Hawking

Stephen W. Hawking, widely regarded as the most brilliant physicist since Einstein, discusses in a friendly and self-deprecating manner age-old questions about the origin and fate of the universe. Difficult concepts are made simple by Hawking’s familiar, accessible prose. (523.1 HAW)


Alaska / James A. Michener

The prehistory of Alaska does not seem to prepare it for the changes beginning in the 18th century when traders and hunters began to take its resources. (FIC MICHENER)


The Satanic Verses / Salman Rushdie

Just before dawn one winter’s morning, a hijacked aeroplane blows apart high above the English Channel and two figures tumble, clutched in an embrace, towards the sea: Gibreel Farishta, India’s legendary movie star, and Saladin Chamcha, the man of a thousand voices. Washed up, alive, on an English beach, their survival is a miracle. But there is a price to pay. Gibreel and Saladin have been chosen as opponents in the eternal wrestling match between Good and Evil. But chosen by whom? And which is which? And what will be the outcome of their final confrontation? (FIC RUSHDIE)

Breathing Lessons / Anne Tyler

During a ninety-mile drive to her best friend’s husband’s funeral, Maggie and her husband, Ira, recall and revaluate the details of their twenty-eight-year marriage. (FIC TYLER, ANNE)



Did you know? The Phantom of the Opera opened on Broadway on January 26, 1988. 

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