#TBT: 1961-1962

Popular Books Published from 1961-1962


James and the Giant Peach / Roald Dahl

A young boy escapes from two wicked aunts and embarks on a series of adventures with six giant insects he meets inside a giant peach. (J FIC DAHL/ J PBK DAHL)


The Phantom Tollbooth / Norton Juster

A bored young boy, Milo, drives his small electric car through a toy tollbooth and finds himself in the Land Beyond. A journey through a land where Milo learns the importance of words and numbers provides a cure for his boredom. (J FIC JUSTER / J PBK JUSTER)


Where the Red Fern Grows / Wilson Rawls

A young boy living in the Ozarks achieves his heart’s desire when he becomes the owner of two redbone hounds and teaches them to be champion hunters. (J FIC RAWLS / J PBK RAWLS)



Franny and Zooey / J.D. Salinger

Two children of the Glass family appear in separate stories laid in twentieth-century New York.(FIC SALINGER)



The Winter of Our Discontent / John Steinbeck

Focuses on the theme of success and what motivates men towards it. This book introduces the hero, Ethan Allen Hawley, who characterizes success in every era and in various forms as robbery, murder, even a kind of combat, operating under ‘the laws of controlled savagery’. (FIC STEINBECK)


Revolutionary Road / Richard Yates

The devastating effects of work, adultery, rebellion, and self-deception slowly destroy the once successful marriage of Frank and April Wheeler, a suburban American couple. (FIC YATES)




Something Wicked This Way Comes / Ray Bradbury

Story of two young boys who begin to encounter evil secrets when a lightning rod salesman gives them one of his contraptions covered with mystical symbols. (FIC BRADBURY)


A Clockwork Orange / Anthony Burgess

Presents Burgess’ satire of the present inhumanity of man to man through a futuristic culture where teenagers rule with violence. (FIC BURGESS)



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest / Ken Kasey

McMurphy, a criminal who feigns insanity, is admitted to a mental hospital where he challenges the autocratic authority of the head nurse. (FIC KASEY)



A Wrinkle in Time / Madeleine L’Engle

Meg and Charles Wallace set out with their friend Calvin in a search for their father. His top secret job as a physicist for the government has taken him away and the children search through time and space to find him. (J FIC L’ENGLE / J PBK L’ENGLE)

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