#TBT: 1934 & 1935

Popular books published in 1934 & 1935


Murder on the Orient Express / Agatha Christie

On a three-day journey through the snowbound Balkan hills, Hercule Poirot must weed through an array of international suspects to find the passenger who murdered a gangster on the Orient Express. (FIC CHRISTIE)


Tender is the Night / F. Scott Fitzgerald

It is 1925, and Richard Diver is the high priest of the good life on the white sands of the French Riviera. The Beautiful People- film stars, socialites, aristocrats– gather eagerly and bitchily around him and his wife, Nicole. Beneath the breathtaking glamour, however, is a world of pain, and there is at the core of their lives a brittle hollowness. (FIC FITZGERALD)

I, Claudius / Robert Graves

Claudius, born weak and with a stutter, was shamed and dismissed by his family as an idiot. This allowed him to live under the public radar and avoid his family’s scandals and murders to become the emperor of Rome in 41 A.D. (FIC GRAVES)


Appointment in Samarra / John O’Hara

Julian and Caroline English are at the center of the social elite until Julian makes a fateful decision to break with polite society and embarks on a rapid spiral toward self-destruction. (FIC OHARA)


Mary Poppins / P.L. Travers

An extraordinary English nanny blows in on the East Wind with her parrot-headed umbrella and magic carpetbag and introduces her charges, Jane and Michael, to some delightful people and experiences. (J FIC / J PBK TRAVERS)


National Velvet / Enid Baghold

In mid-twentieth-century England, fourteen-year-old Velvet Brown, determined to turn the unruly horse she wins in a raffle into a champion, learns that she needs more than hard work and dedication to achieve her goal of riding her horse in the Grand National steeplechase. (J PBK BAGHOLD)

Caddie Woodlawn / Carol Ryrie Brink

Adventures of an eleven-year-old tomboy living in Wisconsin in 1864. (J PBK BRINK)



Regency Buck / Georgette Heyer

Orphans wishing to enjoy London society go to the home of their guardian during the Season. (FIC HEYER)


Tortilla Flat / John Steinbeck

In the shabby district called Tortilla Flat above Monterey, California lives a gang whose exploits compare to those of King Arthur’s knights. (FIC STEINBECK)



Did you know? The board game Sorry was released in 1934. 

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