#TBT: 1925-1928

Popular Books Published 1925-1928


The Great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald

Newly rich Jay Gatsby tries to recapture the past and win back Daisy Buchanan, his former love, despite the fact she has married. (FIC FITZGERALD)


The Trial / Franz Kafka

Narrates the experiences and reactions of a respectable bank functionary after his abrupt arrest on an undisclosed charge. (FIC KAFKA)


Mrs. Dalloway / Virginia Woolf

During one day of arranging for her party Mrs. Dalloway remembers her youth, considers the crushing effects of the Great War, and reexamines her marriage. (FIC WOOLF)



The Sun Also Rises / Ernest Hemingway

The story of a group of Americans and English on a sojourn from Paris to Paloma, evokes in poignant detail, life among the expatriates on Paris’s Left Bank, during the 1920s and conveys in brutally realistic descriptions the power and danger of bullfighting in Spain. (FIC HEMINGWAY)


Winnie-the-Pooh / A. A. Milne

The adventures of Christopher Robin and his friends, in which Pooh Bear uses a balloon to get honey, Piglet meets a Heffalump, and Eeyore has a birthday. (J FIC MILNE)



The Tower Treasure / Franklin W. Dixon

After a dying criminal confesses that his loot has been stashed “in the tower,” the Hardy boys make an astonishing discovery. (J FIC DIXON)


The Bridge of San Luis Rey / Thorton Wilder

When a rope bridge near Lima, Peru breaks in 1714, a Franciscan who witnesses the accident feels compelled to learn about the lives of the five people who were killed. (FIC WILDER)



Point Counter Point / Aldous Huxley

The dilettantes who frequent Lady Tantamount’s society parties are determined to push forward the moral frontiers of the age. Marjorie has left her family to live with Walter; Walter is in love with the luscious but cold-hearted Lucy; and the repulsive Spandrell deflowers young girls for the sake of entertainment. (FIC HUXLEY)

The Trumpeter of Krakow / Eric P. Kelly

Centered on the historical fire that burned much of Kraków in 1462, The Trumpeter of Krakow tells the fictional story of a family of Joseph Charnetski, a Polish noble family from Kresy (modern day Ukraine), who fled to Kraków, Poland, in 1461 after their home is burned to the ground by the Cossack-Tartars of Bogdan Grozny. (J PBK KELLY)


Did you know? The New Yorker went on sale for the first time in February 1925. 

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