#TBT: 1860s

Popular Books Published in the 1860s

Little Women / Louisa May Alcott (1868)

Chronicles the joys and sorrows of the four March sisters as they grow into young women in nineteenth-century New England. (J FIC ALCOTT)


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Lewis Carroll (1865)

When a young girl falls down a rabbit hole, she discovers a strange and interesting world with fantastical, mad characters as she tries to find her way back home. (J FIC CARROLL)


Great Expectations / Charles Dickens (1861)

The orphan, Pip, and the convict, Magwitch, the beautiful Estella, and her guardian, the embittered and vengeful Miss Havisham, the ambitious lawyer, Mr. Jaggers — all have a part to play in the mystery. (FIC DICKENS)


Crime and Punishment / Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1866)

Believing he can commit the perfect crime, Roderick Raskolnikov robs and murders an elderly pawnbroker. He eventually finds himself engaged in a battle of wits with inspector Porfiry, a policeman who is determined to wring a confession from the once confident Raskolnikov, a killer whose conscience is slowly beginning to destroy him. (FIC DOSTOYEVSKY)

Silas Marner / George Eliot (1861)

Here is a tale straight from the fireside. We are compelled to follow the humble and mysterious figure of the linen weaver Silas Marner, on his journey from solitude and exile to the warmth and joy of family life. His path is a strange one; when he loses his hoard of hard-earned coins all seems to be lost, but in place of the golden guineas come the golden curls of a child and from desolate misery comes triumphant joy. (FIC ELIOT)

Wives and Daughters / Elizabeth Gaskell (1866)

Molly Gibson’s mother dies when she was young, and she is close to her father. When she is 17 years old, her father marries again, causing unhappiness for Molly ; she slowly begins to realise that her father is aware that he has made a poor choice — and he is unhappy, too. (FIC GASKELL)


Les Miserables / Victor Hugo (1862)

After nineteen years in prison, Jean Valjean has difficulty adjusting to the outside world, which scorns and shuns him. (FIC HUGO)


The Water-Babies / Charles Kingsley (1863)

The adventures of Tom, a sooty little chimney sweep with a great longing to be clean, who is stolen by fairies and turned into a water-baby. (J PBK KINGSLEY)


War and Peace / Leo Tolstoy (1896)

People from diverse social strata respond to Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. (PBK TOLSTOY)



The Innocents Abroad / Mark Twain (1869)

Twain describes his experiences traveling in Europe and the Middle East, and pokes fun at tourists and tour guides. (FIC TWAIN)



Did you know? The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, which equals about two cents per acre of land.

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