Weekly Book List: Week 52 (Self-Improvement)

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead / Brene Brown

Discusses how to embrace vulnerability in order to live whole, courageous lives, explaining that traits typically regarded as character flaws and weaknesses are actually clear paths to engagement and meaningful connections. (158.2 BRO)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change / Stephen Covey

A leading management consultant outlines seven organizational rules for improving effectiveness and increasing productivity at work and at home. (158 COV)


The Power of Habit / Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business / Charles Duhigg

Identifies the neurological processes behind behaviors, explains how self-control and success are largely driven by habits, and shares scientifically-based guidelines for achieving personal goals and overall well-being by adjusting specific habits. (158.1 DUH)


Outliers: The Story of Success / Malcolm Gladwell

Identifies the qualities of successful people, posing theories about the cultural, family, and idiosyncratic factors that shape high achievers, in a resource that covers such topics as the secrets of software billionaires and why the Beatles earned their fame. (302 GLA)


Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in your Work and in your Life / Spencer Johnson

Relates a highly meaningful parable intended to help one deal with change quickly and prevail, offering readers a simple way to progress in their work and lives. (155.2 JOH)


Thinking, Fast and Slow / Daniel Kahneman

A psychologist draws on years of research to introduce his “machinery of the mind” model on human decision making to reveal the faults and capabilities of intuitive versus logical thinking. (153.42 KAH)


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing / Marie Kondo

Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever. The KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results. (648 KON)

The Power of Positive Thinking / Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Peale demonstrates the power of faith in action. With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life—and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hope. (248.4 PEA)


The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth / M. Scott Peck

A psychiatrist suggests ways in which confronting and resolving problems, a painful process most people try to avoid, can lead to greater self-understanding and spiritual growth. (158.1 PEC)


The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For? / Richard Warren

On your journey you’ll find the answers to three of life’s most important questions: The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?, The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?, The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for? (248.2 WAR)

Weekly Book List: Week 51 (Lesser Known Works of Famous Authors)

Romola / George Eliot

In the Florence of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Romola falls in love with a handsome, seemingly intellectual young man, but as their marriage disintegrates, Romola becomes intrigued by Savonarola and his teachings. (FIC ELIOT)


The Beet Queen / Louise Erdrich

Orphaned fourteen-year-old Carl and his eleven-year-old sister, Mary, travel to Argus, North Dakota, to live with their mother’s sister, in this tale of abandonment, sexual obsession, jealousy and unstinting love. (FIC ERDRICH)


Good as Gold / Joseph Heller

Dr. Bruce Gold, a forty-eight-year-old Jewish professor of English, faces the possibilities of being appointed to a high State Department position and being disowned by his family. (FIC HELLER)


For Whom the Bell Tolls / Ernest  Hemingway

The story of an American fighting in the Spanish Civil War, his loyalty and courage and his eventual disillusionment with love and defeat. (FIC HEMINGWAY)


Black Swan Green / David Mitchell

A meditative novel of a young boy on the cusp of adulthood follows a single year in the life of thirteen-year-old Jason Taylor as he grows up in what is for him the sleepiest village in Worcestershire, England, in 1982. (FIC MITCHELL)


Lost Laysen / Margaret Mitchell

The author’s letters to an old flame and photographs accompany a romantic saga of a stormy love triangle and characters torn between passion and honor, whose lives are forever altered by a terrible catastrophe. (FIC MITCHELL)


The Violent Bear It Away / Flannery O’Connor

A back country orphan struggles to defy his uncle’s prophesy that he will become a Baptist prophet. (FIC O’CONNOR)


Franny and Zooey / J.D. Salinger

Two children of the Glass family appear in separate stories laid in twentieth-century New York. (FIC SALINGER)



The Silmarillion / J.R.R. Tolkien

The Silmarillion tells of the Elder Days, or the First Age of the World, and is the history of the rebellion of Fëanor, the most gifted of the Elves, and his people against the gods, their exile in Middle-earth, and their war against the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, for the recovery of the Silmarils, the jewels containing the pure light of Valinor. (FIC TOLKIEN)

The Reef / Edith Warton

Anna Leath, an American widow living in France, has engaged in a love affair with George Darrow, a diplomat. However, when Darrow is on his way to consolidate marriage plans at Anna’s French chateau, he encounters Sophy Viner, who is as sprightly and spontaneous as Anna is restrained and demure. Soon after, Anna’s affair with Darrow becomes the reef on which the lives of four people are in extreme danger of foundering. (FIC WARTON)

Weekly Book List: Week 50 (Set During Christmas)

The Gift / Cecelia Ahern

Despite job stress and a crumbling home life, workaholic businessman Lou Suffern gives Gabe, a homeless man, a job in his company’s mail room; but the mysterious Gabe seems be in two places at once and he’s meddling in Lou’s private affairs. (FIC AHERN)


Yours, Mine and Ours / Mary Janice Davidson

It is Christmas season, a holiday Cadence adores. Her relationship with Patrick has been progressing nicely,and they are beginning to wonder if it might be time to bring their relationship to the next level, unprecedented in Cadence’s life. As if the high drama of the Secret Santa drawing wasn’t enough, there is a new BOFFO employee, Emma Jan Thyme, whose reputation precedes her. (FIC DAVIDSON)

A Winter Dream / Richard Paul Evans

A holiday tale inspired by the biblical story of Joseph follows the modern story of Joe, who after being forced out of the family business by jealous siblings becomes the chief advisor to the CEO of another company and his own family’s savior in the face of a troubled economy. (FIC EVANS)


A Week in December / Sebastian Faulks

A novel set in 2007 London follows seven diverse characters, exploring the complex patterns and crossings of modern urban life and culminating in a climax where each character is forced to confront the true nature of the world they inhabit. (FIC FAULKS)


Comfort & Joy / Kristin Hannah

Recently divorced and having no family of her own, Joy Candellaro is beginning to dream of a new life with widower Daniel O’Shea and his son, Bobby, until a fateful Christmas Eve forces her to make a painful choice. (FIC HANNAH)


Winter Stroll / Elin Hilderbrand

While preparing for Christmas at the Winter Street Inn, Kelley Quinn and his family find the holiday season thrown into chaos when three of their exes show up. (FIC HILDERBRAND)


Christmas on 4th Street / Susan Mallery

After Nicole Perkins opens her store, The Christmas Attic, in Fool’s Gold, California, business is booming. When recuperating army doctor Gabriel Boylan offers to help out during the holiday rush, she discovers his memories of Christmas past contain moresour grapes than sugarplums. Are the red-hot mistletoe kisses they can’t stop sharing just a distraction for him– or is true love just waiting to be unwrapped? (FIC MALLERY)

An Irish County Christmas / Patrick Taylor

Disappointed to learn that his sweetheart will not be joining him for a first holiday season in a rural Irish community, doctor Barry Laverty busies himself by caring for his patients and struggling to outmaneuver the manipulations of a newly arrived quack physician. (FIC TAYLOR)


The Christmas Secret / Donna VanLiere

Working long hours to make ends meet while struggling to protect her children from their manipulative father, Christine Eisley saves the life of an elderly department-store employee and sets in motion a series of events that leads her to a new relationship. (FIC VANLIERE)


Lakeshore Christmas / Susan Wiggs 

Prim librarian Maureen Davenport lives for Christmas–and there’s nothing more magical than Christmas on Willow Lake. Finally getting her chance to direct Avalon’s annual holiday pageant, she’s determined to make it truly spectacular. But it might just require one of those Christmas miracles she’s always read about if her co-director– recovering former child star Eddie Haven–has his way. Is he trying to sabotage the performance to spite her? Or is she trying too hard to fit the show into her storybook-perfect notion of Christmas? (FIC WIGGS)

Weekly Book List: Week 49 (940s and up)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers / Katherine Boo

Profiles everyday life in the settlement of Annawadi as experienced by a Muslim teen, an ambitious rural mother, and a young scrap metal thief, illuminating how their efforts to build better lives are challenged by religious, caste, and economic tensions. (954.79205 BOO)


The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey / Rinker Buck

Road trip, old-school style! Though the Oregon Trail fell out of favor with travelers after the transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869, it’s still possible to travel the trail from Missouri to Oregon (though some parts are now paved roads). Over 100 years after the last known crossing, journalist Rinker Buck, his brother, and his brother’s Jack Russell terrier set out in a covered wagon pulled by mules. (978 BUC)

The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia / Candace Fleming

Traces the story of the Russian Revolution, the lives of the Romanov family, and the story of their tragic deaths, in an account that draws on primary source materials and includes period photography. (947.083 FLE)

The Bitter Taste of Victory: Life, Love, and Art in the Ruins of the Reich / Lara Frigel

When Germany surrendered in May 1945 it was a nation reduced to rubble. Immediately, America, Britain, Soviet Russia, and France set about rebuilding in their zones of occupation. Most urgent were physical needs–food, water, and sanitation–but from the start the Allies were also anxious to indoctrinate the German people in the ideas of peace and civilization. (940.544 FEI)

The Rival Queens: Catherine de’ Medici, her daughter Marguerite de Valois, and the Betrayal that Ignited a Kingdom / Nancy Goldstone

The author of The Maid and the Queen documents the turbulent mother-daughter relationship between Catherine de’ Medici and Marguerite de Valois to explore the court politics, assassinations, espionage and betrayals that shaped their time. (944.028 GOL)

The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women who Helped Win World War II / Denise Kiernan

The town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, boomed on U.S military-owned acreage between 1942-1944. Its electricity usage matched that of New York City, and its population reached 75,000 – yet it didn’t appear on a single map during World War II. Many new residents were women, recruited at top-dollar wages for positions from chemists to couriers. Sworn to strict secrecy protocols, they were told only that their work would ensure a swift, final World War II victory. The nuclear blast at Hiroshima at last revealed their hidden roles. (940.54 KIE)

1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created / Charles C. Mann

Reveals how the voyages of Columbus reintroduced plants and animals that had been separated millions of years earlier, documenting how the ensuing exchange of flora and fauna between Eurasia and the Americas fostered a European rise. (970.015 MAN)


The Witches: Salem, 1692 / Stacy Schiff

Analyzes the Salem Witch Trials to offer key insights into the role of women in its events while explaining how its tragedies became possible. (974.4502 SCH)


Fire at Peshtigo / Robert W. Wells

This is a Historical Written Account of the Fire in Peshtigo, WI in 1871. (977.53 WEL)



The Men Who United the States: America’s Explorers, Inventors, Eccentrics, and Mavericks, and the Creation of One Nation, Indivisible / Simon Winchester 

Winchester illuminates the men who toiled fearlessly to discover, connect, and bond the citizenry and geography of the U.S.A. from its beginnings and ponders whether the historic work of uniting the States has succeeded, and to what degree. (973 WIN)

Weekly Book List: Week 48 (Takes place on an Island)

Island Beneath the Sea / Isabel Allende

The story of Tete a mulatta woman, a slave and concubine on the island of Saint-Domingue , determined to take control of her own destiny in a society where that would seem impossible. (FIC ALLENDE)


The Count of Monte Cristo / Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo is the story of Edmond Dantes, who is imprisoned in the island fortress of the Chateau d’If on a false political charge; after escaping, he finds the fabulous treasure of Monte Cristo and sets upon the course of revenge against his old enemies. (FIC DUMAS)


Lord of the Flies / William Golding

The classic study of human nature which depicts the degeneration of a group of schoolboys marooned on a desert island. (FIC GOLDING)


Skinny Dip / Carl Hiaasen

Doctoring water samples to help his corrupt agribusiness employer continue illegal dumping in the Everglades, biologist Chaz Perrone attempts to murder his wife, who has figured out his scam and who survives to plot her husband’s downfall. (FIC HIAASEN)


Mister Pip / Lloyd Jones

Thirteen-year-old Matilda watches as all the foreigners flee her homeland–all but one, the white man Mr. Watts. Amidst the ruins of the town schoolhouse, Watts reads Dickens’ Great Expectations to the children, thus sparking their imaginations and giving them hope in a chaotic world. (FIC JONES, LLOYD)

Burial Rites / Hannah Kent

The unforgettable story finds convicted killer Agnes Magnúsdóttir awaiting execution and seeking both a reprieve from her dreadful sentence and the possibility of redemption. (FIC KENT)


A House for Mr. Biswas / V.S. Naipaul

Owning a small portion of the Trinidad earth and a respectable house is the dream and the reality sustaining Mohun Biswas through a life of frustration and despair. (FIc NAIPAUL)


The Search / Nora Roberts

Fiona, a dog trainer who performs canine search-and-rescue missions, is devastated after her fiance is murdered, but her emotions are rekindled when Simon, a newcomer to town, brings his puppy Jaws to her for obedience training. (FIC ROBERTS, NORA)


The Light Between Oceans / M.L. Stedman

After moving with his wife to an isolated Australian lighthouse where they suffer miscarriages and a stillbirth, Tom allows his wife to claim an infant that has washed up on the shore, a decision with devastating consequences. (FIC STEDMAN)


The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry / Gabrielle Zevin

A middle-aged bookseller mourning his lost wife, a feisty publisher’s rep, and a charmingly precocious abandoned child come together on a small island off the New England coast in this utterly delightful novel of love and second chances. (FIC ZEVIN)

Weekly Book List: Week 47 (Unreliable Narrator)

The Blind Assassin / Margaret Atwood

Iris Chase Griffen, married at eighteen to a wealthy industrialist but now poor and eighty-two, recalls her far from exemplary life, and the events leading up to her sisters death, who drove a car off a bridge ten days after the war ended, gradually revealing the carefully guarded Chase family secrets. (FIC ATWOOD)

Gone Girl / Gillian Flynn

When beautiful Amy Dunne disappears from her Missouri home, it looks as if her husband Nick is to blame. But though he protests his innocence, it’s clear that he’s not being entirely truthful. Gone Girl is not only the story of a disappearance, but a truly frightening glimpse of a souring marriage. (FIC FLYNN)


We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves / Karen Joy Fowler

Coming of age in middle America, 18-year-old Rosemary evaluates how her entire youth was defined by the presence and forced removal of an endearing chimpanzee who was secretly regarded as a family member and who Rosemary loved as a sister. (FIC FOWLER)


Elizabeth is Missing / Emma Healey

Maude sinks into a confusing world in this gripping psychological mystery written in the voice of an aging woman with Alzheimer’s. She can’t remember what she’s doing or where she is, but she is obsessed with one thought–her good friend Elizabeth is missing. (FIC HEALEY)


Flowers for Algernon / David Keyes

Charlie Gordon, a youth with limited mental capabilities, along with a laboratory rat named Algernon become the joint objects of a scientific alteration to see if Charlie can become “normal.” (FIC KEYES)


The Dinner / Herman Koch

Over the course of a meal at a fashionable Amsterdam restaurant, two couples move from small talk during the appetizer to weightier issues. While discussing their sons — who have done something terrible — we learn more about what ties the families together, and what seems to be a skewering of upper-class values turns into something far more serious. (FIC KOCH)

The Screwtape Letters / C.S. Lewis

In a series of letters, one of Satan’s more experienced tempters writes to a junior agent in the field, instructing him in the finer points of capturing souls. (248.4 KEW)


We Were Liars / E. Lockhart

This brilliant and heartbreaking novel tells the story of a prestigious family living on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts. Full of love, lies, secrets, no shortage of family dysfunction, and a shocking twist that you won’t see coming. (TEEN FIC LOCKHART)


The Night Guest / Fiona McFarlane

An elderly Australian woman lets a mysterious and possibly sinister caretaker into her beach-side home and into her life. (FIC MCFARLANE)


The Walls Around Us / Nora Ren Suma

Orianna and Violet are ballet dancers and best friends, but when the ballerinas who have been harassing Violet are murdered, Orianna is accused of the crime and sent to a juvenile detention center where she meets Amber and they experience supernatural events linking the girls together. (TEEN FIC SUMA)

Weekly Book List: Week 46 (True Crime)

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders / Vincent Bugliosi

The prosecutor of the Tate-LaBianca trials presents the inside story behind the Manson killings, explaining how Charles Manson was able to make his “family” murder for him, chronicling the investigation, and describing the court trial that brought him and his accomplices to justice. (364.1523 BUG)


In Cold Blood / Truman Capote

On November 15, 1959, in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, four members of the Clutter family were savagely murdered by blasts from a shotgun held a few inches from their faces. There was no apparent motive for the crime, and there were almost no clues. As Truman Capote reconstructs the murder and the investigation that led to the capture, trial, and execution of the killers, he generates both mesmerizing suspense and astonishing empathy. (364.1523 CAP)

A Murder over a Girl: Justice, Gender, Junior High / Ken Corbett

On Feb. 12, 2008, at E. O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, CA, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney shot and killed his classmate, Larry King, who had recently begun to call himself “Leticia” and wear makeup and jewelry to school. Profoundly shaken by the news, and unsettled by media coverage that sidestepped the issues of gender identity and of race integral to the case, psychologist Ken Corbett traveled to LA to attend the trial. (364.152 COR)

The Stranger She Loved: A Mormon Doctor, his Beautiful Wife, and an Almost Perfect Murder / Shanna Hogan

Recounts the murder of 50-year-old Michele MacNeill at the hands of her husband, a doctor, lawyer and Mormon bishop who, upon further investigation by his daughters, had multiple marital affairs, a past criminal record and conned his way into medical school. (364.1523 HOG)

A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy / Sue Klebold

The mother of one of the two shooters at Columbine High School draws on personal recollections, journal entries and video recordings to piece together what led to her son’s unpredicted breakdown and share insights into how other families might recognize warning signs. (371.782 KLE)


Waiting to Be Heard / Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox’s account of her hard-fought battle to overcome injustice and win the freedom she deserved after spending four years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. (364.152 KNO)


While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man’s Descent into Madness / Eli Sanders

A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter describes our failing mental-health system through the story of Isaiah Kalebu, who invaded the home of an engaged Seattle lesbian couple, raped and cut them both and murdered one of them. (364.152 SAN)

Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder / James B. Stewart

Traces the path of Michael Swango, a model young doctor whose patients from the United States to Zimbabwe began dying in suspicious circumstances and is now thought by the FBI to be the most successful serial killer in this nation’s history. (364.152 STE)

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective / Kate Summerscale

Traces the 1860 murder of a young child whose death launched a national obsession with detection throughout England, nearly destroyed the career of a top Scotland Yard investigator, and inspired the birth of modern detective fiction. (364.152 SUM)

American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst / Jeffrey Toobin

An account of the sensational 1974 kidnapping and trial of Patty Hearst describes the efforts of her family to secure her release, Hearst’s baffling participation in a bank robbery and the psychological insights that prompted modern understandings about Stockholm syndrome. (364.154 TOO)

Weekly Book List: Week 45 (Plays)

Ivanov / Anton Chekhov

“Ivanov” is the story of its title character, Nikolai Ivanov, who is severely conflicted by the illness of his wife, his mounting debts and his own internal desires. A taut psychological drama, “Ivanov” with its tragic and dramatic climax is considered one of Chekhov’s best plays. (891.72 CHE)


The Mousetrap / Agatha Christie

A group of strangers is stranded in a boarding house during a snow storm, one of whom is a murderer. The suspects include the newly married couple who run the house, and the suspicions in their minds nearly wreck their perfect marriage. Others are a spinster with a curious background, an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef, a retired Army major, a strange little man who claims his car has overturned in a drift, and a jurist who makes life miserable for everyone. (822 CHR)

A Doll’s House / Henrik Ibsen

, A Doll’s House richly displays the genius with which Henrik Ibsen pioneered modern, realistic prose drama. In the central character of Nora, Ibsen epitomized the human struggle against the humiliating constraints of social conformity. Nora’s ultimate rejection of a smothering marriage and life in “a doll’s house” shocked theatergoers of the late 1800s and opened new horizons for playwrights and their audiences. (839.8 IBS)

No Exit / Jean-Paul Sartre

Three damned souls, Joseph Garcin, Inès Serrano, and Estelle Rigault, are brought to the same room in Hell and locked inside by a mysterious valet. They had all expected torture devices to punish them for eternity, but instead find a plain room furnished in the style of the Second French Empire. At first, none of them will admit the reason for their damnation: Joseph says that he was executed for being a pacifist, while Estelle insists that a mistake has been made; Inès, however, is the only one to demand that they all stop lying to themselves and confess to their moral crimes. (842 SAR)

Equus / Peter Shaffer

lan Strang is a disturbed youth whose dangerous obsession with horses leads him to commit an unspeakable act of violence. As psychiatrist Martin Dysart struggles to understand the motivation for Alan’s brutality, he is increasingly drawn into Alan’s web and eventually forced to question his own sanity. (812 SHA)

Pygmalion / George Bernard Shaw

Professor Henry Higgins, a linguistic expert, takes on a bet that he can transform an awkward cockney flower seller into a refined young lady simply by polishing her manners and changing the way she speaks. In the process of convincing society that his creation is a mysterious royal figure, the Professor also falls in love with his elegant handiwork. (822 SHA)

The Heidi Chronicles / Wendy Wasserstein

Wendy Wasserstein’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play is the tale of a baby-boomer’s long, hard road from 1960s confusion to 1990s self-assured woman…or so she hopes. (812.54 WAS)


The Importance of Being Earnest / Oscar Wilde

Working within the social conventions of late Victorian London, the play’s major themes are the triviality with which it treats institutions as serious as marriage, and the resulting satire of Victorian ways. (822 WIL)


Our Town / Thornton Wilder

This Pulitzer Prize-winning drama of life in the small village of Grover’s Corners, an allegorical representation of all life, has become a classic. (812.52 WIL)


The Glass Menagerie / Tennessee Williams

Amanda Wingfield, a faded Southern belle of middle age, shares a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son Tom, in his early twenties, and his slightly older sister, Laura. Although she is a survivor and a pragmatist, Amanda yearns for the comforts and admiration she remembers from her days as a fêted debutante. She worries especially about the future of her daughter Laura, a young woman with a limp (an aftereffect of a bout of polio) and a tremulous insecurity about the outside world. (812 WIL)

Weekly Book List: Week 44 (Magic in Book)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell / Susanna Clarke

In nineteenth-century England, all is going well for rich, reclusive Mr Norrell, who has regained some of the power of England’s magicians from the past, until a rival magician, Jonathan Strange, appears and becomes Mr Norrell’s pupil. (FIC CLARKE, SUSANNA)


Neverwhere / Neil Gaiman

Richard Mayhew’s life is forever changed after he rescues a young girl named Door and finds himself living in a city of monsters, saints, murderers, and angels, and he must help Door on her mission to save this strange underworld kingdom from destruction. (FIC GAIMAN)


The Magicians / Lev Grossman

Harboring secret preoccupations with a magical land he read about in a childhood fantasy series, Quentin Coldwater is unexpectedly admitted into an exclusive college of magic and rigorously educated in modern sorcery. (FIC GROSSMAN)


A Discovery of Witches / Deborah Harkness

Discovering a magical manuscript in Oxford’s library, scholar Diana Bishop, a descendant of witches who has rejected her heritage, inadvertently unleashes a fantastical underworld of daemons, witches and vampires whose activities center around an enchanted treasure. (FIC HARKNESS)


The Queen of the Tearling / Erika Johansen

Following a mysterious cataclysmic event referred to as the Crossing, humans now exist without modern technology and have reverted back to feudalism. At the story’s opening, Kelsea, the rightful Queen of the Tearling, turns 19 (the age of ascension) and is escorted by the Queen’s Guard from her forest home to claim her throne. Raised, educated, and protected by an elderly couple since birth, Kelsea possesses much book intelligence but lacks practical political knowledge. Nevertheless, she is everything one desires in a leader—she is strong, decisive, just, and possesses an inner strength that allows her to face any challenge placed in front of her. (FIC JOHANSEN)

The Night Circus / Erin Morgenstern

A fierce competition is underway, a contest between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood to compete in “a game,” in which each must use their powers of illusion to best the other. Unbeknownst to them, this game is a duel to the death, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will. (FIC MORGENSTERN)

Sabriel / Garth Nix

Sabriel, daughter of the necromancer Abhorsen, must journey into the mysterious and magical Old Kingdom to rescue her father from the Land of the Dead. (TEEN FIC NIX)


The Alchemyst / Michael Scott

Having discovered the secret to eternal youth, 14th-century alchemist Nicholas Flamel and his wife are alive and well in present-day San Francisco, California. But they won’t stay well if 15-year-old twins Sophie and Josh Newman don’t fulfill their prophesied role of either saving or destroying the world, starting by getting back an ancient text stolen from Flamel’s bookstore. (TEEN FIC SCOTT)

The Fellowship of the Ring / J.R.R. Tolkien

Frodo the hobbit and his companions set out to deliver the One Ring of Power to the dark land of Mordor in order to destroy the ring in the forge of its creation. (FIC TOLKIEN)


The Golem and the Jinni / Helene Wecker

After her creator dies en route to America, Chava, a golem from a Polish shtetl, must navigate the streets of 1899 New York City by herself — her only ally is a rabbi unsure whether to destroy her, or allow her to fulfill her destiny as the harbinger of destruction. Ahmad, a jinni from Syria’s deserts has been released from his thousand-year-old glass bottle by a tinsmith but has little intention of remaining a metalworker, despite his uncanny talent for it. Chava and Ahmad meet and discover that they’re soul mates, but a dangerous adversary threatens their future. (FIC WECKER)

Weekly Book List: Week 43 (Biography/Memoir)

America’s Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis / Sarah Bradford

A portrait of an American icon chronicles the rise of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from “debutante of the year” in 1947 through her subsequent high-powered marriages to JFK and Aristotle Onassis. (921 ONASSIS)


Freedom: My Book of Firsts / Jaycee Dugard

In the follow-up to her #1 bestselling memoir, A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard tells the story of her first experiences after years in captivity: the joys that accompanied her newfound freedom and the challenges of adjusting to life on her own. (921 DUGARD)


American Wife: Love, War, Faith, and Renewal / Taya Kyle

The widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle shares their private journey, a moving and universal chronicle of love and family, service and patriotism, grief and sacrifice, faith and purpose. (921 KYLE)


John Adams / David McCullough

Chronicles the life of America’s second president, including his youth, his career as a Massachusetts farmer and lawyer, his marriage to Abigail, his rivalry with Thomas Jefferson, and his influence on the birth of the United States. (921 ADAMS)


A Great and Terrible Beauty: Edward I and the Forging of Britain / Marc Morris

Describes the later part of the life of Englands King Edward I, who travelled to the Holy Land, conquered Wales, raised one of the greatest armies of the Middle Ages, fathered fifteen children, and expelled the Jews from his kingdom. (921 EDWARD)


Cleopatra: A Life / Stacey Schiff

Separates fact from fiction to reconstruct the life of the most influential woman of her era, revealing Cleopatra as a complex woman and shrewd monarch whose life and death reshaped the ancient world. (921 CLEOPATRA)


The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt / T.J. Stiles

A biography of the combative man whose genius and force of will created modern capitalism, documenting how Vanderbilt helped launch the transportation revolution, propel the Gold Rush, reshape Manhattan, and invent the modern corporation. (921 VANDERBILT)


The Sound of Gravel / Ruth Warnier

An account of the author’s coming-of-age in a polygamist Mormon Doomsday cult describes her childhood on a Mexico hills farm as one of her father’s more than 40 welfare-dependent children, the extreme religious beliefs that haunted her daily life and her escape in the aftermath of a devastating tragedy. (921 WARNIER)

Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography / Laura Ingalls Wilder

Presents Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unedited, and unpublished, draft of her autobiography that was written for an adult audience and eventually served as the foundation for her popular Little House on the Prairie series. (921 WILDER)


The Iron Lady: A Biography of Margaret Thatcher / Hugo Young

Traces the life of Britain’s controversial prime minister, explains how she became involved in politics, and looks at the accomplishments of her administration. (921 THATCHER)