Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham

Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

If you like Gilmore Girls, you’ll like this nonfiction book written by Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai from the television series. Graham talks a little about her life and a little about Gilmore Girls, both the original 7-year series run and the Netflix reprisal released in 2016. It’s a light, funny, easy read.

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My Cousin Rachel (1952)

Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

This 1952 suspense film starring Olivia de Havilland and a young Richard Burton has more twists than a jumbo bag of pretzels. Based on the book of the same name by one of my favorite authors, Daphne du Maurier, this black and white Hollywood classic will not disappoint. You may have to read the book to better make up your mind about Rachel. The movie is just about as good as the book . . . something you rarely see.

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John Wick (2014)

Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

With John Wick: Chapter 2 currently out in movie theaters, you might be curious about the original John Wick movie. If “Chapter 2” is anything like the original, you may want to stay home and save your money. The original John Wick is so bad, I could not even watch it until the end. The wooden Keanu Reeves mumbles his way through this repetitive and excessively-violent movie while shooting about four thousand people with annoying techno-music cranked as a supposed soundtrack. Hollywood must not have thought to pay actual writers for this mind-numbingly inane plot. There . . . I have just saved you two hours of your life by NOT recommending this movie.

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Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried In A Chilean Mine and the Miracle That Set Them Free by Hector Tobar


Reviewed by Jennifer Klett (Library Staff)

This is a deeply moving and dramatic true story of the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine in 2010. We all watched it unfold on the news at the time; but this book tells the story of what happened for the men below who were trapped beneath thousands of feet of rock for 69 days. It will make you thankful for a warm meal, clean water, a soft bed, and seeing the loved ones in your life. The book is much, much better than the movie.

Located in Adult Nonfiction (363.1196 TOB)

The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines


Reviewed by Jennifer Klett (Library Staff)

If you are a fan of the television show, “Fixer Upper,” you will love this short but inspiring read. Find out how hard this Waco, Texas home renovating team worked to achieve their dreams and help others by transforming homes. This couple is definitely not an overnight success. An uplifting story; read it soon!

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God’s Not Dead 2 (2016)


Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

This 2016 film rated PG is a look at our country’s religious first amendment freedoms. “God’s Not Dead 2” is based on 24 real-life legal cases where religious freedom was denied in classrooms across the United States. I recommend you watch “God’s Not Dead,” then this sequel, but it is not necessary to enjoy the film. Feel-good ending with special appearance by the Newsboys.

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The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer by Joel Salatin


Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

“Amazingly, the farms that dump chemicals, dope their animals, confine their animals in factory farms without fresh air, sunshine, and salad bar are now considered normal and I’m the lunatic,” farmer-entrepreneur Joel Salatin writes in this eye-opening book. You may recall Salatin and his Polyface Farm was featured in the food documentaries “Food Inc.” and “Fresh,” and bestselling book Omnivore’s Dilemma. Salatin’s book reveals what has happened to our modern food system, and Salatin’s alternative which is a beyond-organic farm. He is interested in making animals happy, building soil, respecting God’s creation, and locally feeding people healthful real food. If you eat, you must read this.

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Fresh (2009)


Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

Do you know what’s in the food you buy from the grocery store? Or how it got on the shelves? Watch this 72-minute food documentary and find out. Yes, it is a jolting dose of reality, but it also offers solutions, hope, and alternatives. Each food dollar we spend has an enormous impact on the direction of the U.S. food system, which in many ways is dysfunctional. It also has a direct impact on our health. Educate and empower yourself by watching this video. Milwaukee’s Will Allen and urban Growing Power is featured, along with sustainable farmer Joel Salatin and author Michael Pollan.

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13 Hours (2016)

13 hours

Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

Aside from this 2016 movie being a heart-pounding thriller, I thoroughly recommend spending two hours watching it because I finally have a good idea of what went on in Benghazi, Libya at the American Embassy on September 11, 2012, a topic of heavy discussion for several years. This film is a well-acted, directed, and edited depiction of what happened that night and leaves politics aside. Watch it and form your own opinions. Pay close attention because things move quickly. It also was an eye opener concerning the conditions in Libya and about how horrible life can be when governments fail. Thank God I live in the USA.

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The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God by Timothy Keller


Reviewed by Jennifer Rude Klett (Library Staff)

Is The Meaning of Marriage exclusively for the married? No, quite the opposite. Surprisingly, this book is equally beneficial for the singles out there, especially since singles can alternately overly fear or idolize marriage. Consider this excerpt directed at singles:

When one person says to another, “I love you, but let’s not ruin it by getting married,” that person really means, “I don’t love you enough to close off all my options.”

This is an eye-opening, perspective-setting book that I highly recommend especially in our modern consumer-driven culture, and its assumptions about “soul” mates, romance, self-fulfillment, divorce, and cohabitation.

Even if you are long-time wedded, this book will be beneficial to you and your spouse. The Meaning Of Marriage makes a perfect engagement, bridal shower, or wedding gift.

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