Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

dark disciple

Reviewed by Simon P (Library Patron)

Opening this book, I was not expecting much after having read the very disappointing AFTERMATH, which occurs later in the new Expanded Universe. DARK DISCIPLE, then, was my second foray into the Disney mandated Star Wars new EU. To my surprise, I could not put this book down. Golden, and thus Disney, honor the classic style of story-telling the original Star Wars books had been known for with this book – fully-fleshed out characters, unexpected twists, and suspense until the end. Based on non-produced scripts of the CLONE WARS TV show (the series that started in 2008), Dark Disciple tells the story of the former Sith now known as Ventress and the relationship she reluctantly has with Jedi Master Vos. With such an unexpected relationship, Golden takes us on a ride that calls us to do the unthinkable; that is, find empathy for Ventress. While Vos and Ventress go on a few “missions” together, the biggest mission they face is to take down Count Dooku. From there, the story begins its twists and turns, making the reader second guess everything that every character is saying. Who is truly in the light? Who is truly in the dark? Such questions are only answered near the very end of the book, and the wait for the answers is completely worth it. The only regret? That we’ll never see the four episodes of THE CLONE WARS that this wonderful book is based on. Perhaps though, as Yoda might say, best left to one’s imagination, this story is.

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