Spotlight On: Teen Graphic Novels

Teen Graphic Novels: Our selection of teen graphic novels consist of manga, comics, and graphic novels. They are located in the teen area, on the middle book shelf.

Sad Animal Facts / Brooke Barker

Ever wonder what a mayfly thinks of its one-day lifespan? (They’re curious what a sunset is.) Or how a jellyfish feels about not having a heart? (Sorry, but they’re not sorry.)This melancholy menagerie pairs the more unsavory facts of animal life with their hilarious thoughts and reactions. (TEEN GRAPHIC BARKER)


Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant / Tony Cliff

Follows the adventures of Delilah Dirk and her companion, Erdemoglu Selim. (TEEN GRAPHIC CLIFF)



Think iFruity / Bill Amend

Whether working through the daily disorders of home, school, or office, the Fox family manages to put its special spin on the rigors of the world. Setting the comic tone are mom Andy, whose heroic efforts to make tofu into the fifth food group are legend, and dad Roger, who is a human hazard on the golf course and a threat to the workings of all technologically driven devices. (TEEN GRAPHIC FOXTROT)

Lumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy 

Best friends Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley spend a fun summer at Lumberjane scout camp where they encounter yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons while solving a mystery that holds the fate of the world in the balance. (TEEN GRAPHIC LUMBERJANES #1)


The Tea Dragon Society / Katie O’Neill

When Greta, a blacksmith apprentice, discovers a lost tea dragon at the marketplace, she learns about the dying art form from Hesekiel and Erik. (TEEN GRAPHIC O’NEILL)


Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships / Eric Shanower

Drawn from the myths and legends of centuries, A thousand ships presents anew for the twenty-first century the complete prelude to the Trojan war- each sensual touch, every savage blow, the smiles and tears, the lust and betrayal, the entire tapestry of drama and action. (TEEN GRAPHIC SHANOWER)


Nimona / Noelle Stevenson

Lord Blackheart, a villain with a vendetta, and his sidekick, Nimona, an impulsive young shapeshifter, must prove to the kingdom that Sir Goldenloin and the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are. (TEEN GRAPHIC STEVENSON)


Archival Quality / Ivy Noelle Weir

After losing her job at the library, Cel Walden starts working at the haunting Logan Museum as an archivist. She finds herself confronting her mental health, her relationships, and before long, her grasp on reality as she begins to dream of a young woman she’s never met, but feels strangely drawn to. (TEEN GRAPHIC WEIR)

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life / Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim’s fantastic life takes an unforseen turn when rollerblading delivery girl Ramona Flowers makes her appearance. (TEEN GRAPHIC 741.5952 OMA V.1)


Full Moon / Arina Tanemura

Young Mitsuki loves singing and dreams of becoming a pop star. Unfortunately, a malignant tumor in her throat prevents her from pursuing her passion. However, her life turns around when two surprisingly fun-loving harbingers of death appear to grant Mitsuki a temporary reprieve from her illness and give her singing career a magical push start. (TEEN GRAPHIC 741.5952 TAN #1)


“We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming, our own consciousness in someone else’s mind.” ~Anna Quindlen

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