Spotlight On: New Fiction (Adult)

New Fiction (Adult): These books are all located in our New Book area, located in the middle of the library next to the computers. These books are broken down into the following genres: Suspense; Mystery; General; Historical; Christian; Science Fiction; Romance; Fantasy. All books located here are new to the library within the last year.


You Belong to Me / Colin Harrison

A successful immigration lawyer and passionate cartography hobbyist investigates a mysterious rival at the same time his beautiful neighbor is whisked away by a stranger in soldier fatigues in front of her powerful, possessive Iranian lawyer husband. FIC HARRISON (SUS)


Final Girls / Riley Sager

When Quincy Carpenter survived a massacre while the rest of her friends were murdered, the press labeled her a “Final Girl”- part of a group that consisted of two other women who were the only ones to survive their own tragedies. Quincy has no desire to claim this label and wants to move on. But when one of the final girls dies, and the other confronts Quincy, claiming that a killer might be targeting them, Quincy’s new life unravels. FIC SAGER (SUS)


Do Not Become Alarmed / Maile Meloy

Liv and Nora, who are cousins, decide to take their families on a cruise. Both have an eleven-year-old and a younger child as well. At one of the ports, the moms take the children out with another family they met on the ship. All goes well until the children, in a brief moment, aren’t observed and disappear. From here the nightmare begins, and the story alternates between what is happening to the children and the adults. FIC MELOY (MYS)

You’ll Never Know, Dear / Hallie Ephron

is Woodman was seven years old when her four-year-old sister, Janey Woodham, disappeared from their yard in sleepy Bonsecours, S.C. Decades later, what could be the first significant clue finally surfaces—in the form of Janey’s look-alike handmade doll that vanished along with her, one of the first of the highly prized creations that would turn the home workshop of the girls’ mother, known as Miss Sorrel, into a collectors’ mecca. FIC EPHRON (MYS)


Forest Dark / Nicole Krauss

Jules Epstein, a man whose drive, avidity, and outsized personality have, for sixty-eight years, been a force to be reckoned with, is undergoing a metamorphosis. In the wake of his parents’ deaths, his divorce from his wife of more than thirty years, and his retirement from the New York legal firm where he was a partner, he’s felt an irresistible need to give away his possessions, alarming his children and perplexing the executor of his estate. FIC KRAUSS (GEN)

Paris in the Present Tense / Mark Helprin

When faced with a series of challenges to his principles, livelihood and home, Jules—a 74-year-old maitre at Paris-Sorbonne, cellist, widow, veteran of the war in Algeria and child of the Holocaust—must confront his complex past and find a way forward. FIC HELPRIN (GEN)



See What I Have Done / Sarah Schmidt

A fictional reimagining of real-life murders so infamous they earned its alleged perpetrator her own playground rhyme and ax-wielders everywhere a catchy chopping song, even if the killer’s guilt was never firmly established.On Aug. 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts, Andrew Borden and his second wife, Abby, were found butchered in their home, the weapon thought to be an ax, though police never found it. FIC SCHMIDT (HIS)


The Proving / Beverly Lewis

Having left the Amish life for the English world, Amanda Dienner is shocked when she learns that her mother has passed and left her Lancaster County’s most popular Amish bed-and-breakfast. The catch is she has to run it herself for one year, acting as hostess. Amanda accepts the terms, but coming home to people she left behind won’t be easy. FIC LEWIS (CHR)

Science Fiction:

The Book of Joan / Lidia Yuknavitch

After a series of endless wars sends most humans to live on a mysterious platform known as CIEL, the remaining earthlings, who have mutated, become galvanized by a child-warrior named Joan who possesses a mysterious power and can commune with the earth. FIC YUKNAVITCH (SCIFI)



Map of the Heart / Susan Wiggs

Accompanying her aging father on a trip to his native France, a widowed photographer is led by his memories of World War II to unexpected revelations about their family’s history at the same time she bonds with a handsome American historian. FIC WIGGS (ROM)



Hiddensee / Gregory Maguire

The best-selling author of Wicked presents an imaginative tale rooted in early 19th-century German Romanticism that explores parallels between the origin legend of the famous Nutcracker with the life of Drosselmeier, the toymaker who carves him. FIC MAGUIRE (FAN)



“So many books, so little time.” ~Frank Zappa

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