Spotlight On: Large Print (Fiction)

Large Print (Fiction): Large Print consists of books that have a larger size print in them, making them easier to see and read for certain people. We have both Fiction and Non-fiction large print. Many popular books that we have in regular fiction we also have in the large print section. Our Large Print section is located right before our fiction section, to the right. It is next to the Reference Desk.

Spring Fever / Mary Kay Andrews

Preparing to move on four years after a divorce, Annajane realizes that she is not over her ex-husband when his wedding to another woman is abruptly cancelled, a situation that is further complicated by her engagement to another man, dark secrets in her sleepy lake town and individuals who want to thwart her happiness. (LP ANDREWS)

The Guest Room / Chris Bohjalian

When the bachelor party her husband is hosting goes wrong, Kristin finds her life spiraling into a nightmare of accusations and betrayal while a girl hired to provide entertainment at the party flees for her life from gangsters. (LP BOHJALIAN)


The Spy / Paulo Coelho

A tale inspired by the life and death of Mata Hari is presented as a series of letters written from prison on the eve of her death and includes her reflections on her childhood in a small Dutch town, her unhappy years as the wife of an alcoholic diplomat, her rise to celebrity in Europe and the choices that led to her execution for espionage. (LP COELHO)

Career of Evil / Robert Galbraith

When a mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is horrified to discover that it contains a woman’s severed leg, and Cormoran Strike must look to his past to determine who is behind the horrid parcel. (LP GALBRAITH)


The Rumor / Elin Hilderbrand

Grace is married to Fast Eddie, a successful real estate broker on the island. They live with their twin teenage daughters in a beautiful house with three manicured acres overlooking the harbor. Financial troubles, affairs or supposed affairs, teenage angst and shady deals kick the rumor mill on the island in high gear. (LP HILDERBRAND)

Remember Me? / Sophie Kinsella

Awakening in the hospital after a car crash believing that she is a single, twenty-five-year-old sales associate, Lexi discovers that she has lost three years in her life and she is married to a handsome millionaire, but her perfect new life soon begins to go awry. (LP KINSELLA)


Mr. Churchill’s Secretary / Susan Elia MacNeal

After German Luftwaffe bomb London, Maggie Hope–trained in math and code breaking, but only able to find a job as Winston Churchill’s secretary–uses the access her position demands to try to unravel an assassinate plot.  (LP MACNEAL)


The Redeemer / Jo Nesbo

One freezing night in Oslo Christmas shoppers gather to listen to a Salvation Army street concert. An explosion cuts through the music, and a man in uniform falls to the ground, shot in the head at point-blank range. Harry Hole and his team have little to work with: no immediate suspect, no weapon and no motive. (LP NESBO)

Every Fifteen Minutes / Lisa Scottoline

A single father and head of a successful Philadelphia psychiatric care unit sees his life begin to crumble when a teen patient is implicated in a murder and the doctor himself is wrongly accused of sexual harassment. (LP SCOTTOLINE)


Modern Lovers / Emma Straub

Three friends and former college bandmates struggle with the midlife difficulties of managing the sexuality, independence, and secrets of their young-adult children against painful memories of a friend who soared and fell without them. (LP STRAUB)


“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” ~Oscar Wilde

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