Spotlight On: Children’s Series

Children’s Series: We have a selection of chapter books that are parts of different series, including American Girl, Lego Ninjago, 39 Clues, Star Wars, and many more. These books are separate from the regular children’s chapter books. These series books are located in the chapter book area, past the new chapter books, and about the children’s bin chapter books. They are separated by series.

Meet Kit: An American Girl / Valerie Tripp

When her father’s business closes because of the Great Depression forcing Kit to make changes in her life, the nine-year-old responds with resourcefulness. Series: American Girl (J SERIES AMER GIRLS KIT)


The Cry of the Loon: a Samantha Mystery / Barbara A. Steiner

In June 1907, twelve-year-old Samantha looks forward to a happy summer with Nellie and her younger sisters at Grandmary’s country home in the Adirondacks but a series of mysterious accidents on the property lead Samantha to suspect that someone is deliberately causing trouble. Series: American Girl Mystery (J SERIES AMER MYSTERY)

High Hopes for Addy / Connie Porter

Addy’s new life in Philadelphia in the late 1860s continues to hold surprises, as she competes in a kite festival and her teacher recommends her for the Institute for Colored Youth. Series: American Girl Short Stories (J SERIES A G SHORT STORIES)


Tribes of Chima / Ruth Amos

Level 3 readers will enjoy the exciting new reader Tribes of Chima as they learn about each LEGO® Legends of Chima™ character and the tribes that inhabit this amazing land. While discovering fun facts about Lennox the Lion and his rival, Cragger the Crocodile, readers will also find tons of information about each of the other Chima tribes. Series: Lego Chima (J SERIES LEGO CHIMA)

The Maze of Bones / Rick Riordan

When their beloved aunt–matriarch of the world’s most powerful family–dies, orphaned siblings Amy and Dan Cahill compete with less honorable Cahill descendants in a race around the world to find cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune. Includes game cards which the reader may use to play an online version of the treasure hunt. Series: 39 Clues (J SERIES 39 CLUES BK.1)

Divide and Conquer / Carrie Ryan

When thousands of Viking warriors descend on medieval Paris, Dak is captured and forced to work with the invaders while Sera and Riq defend the city, a situation that places them on opposing sides. Series: Infinity Ring (J SERIES INFINITY RING BK.2)


Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, The Great Migration North / Pat McKissack

Eleven-year-old Nellie Lee Love records in her diary the events of 1919, when her family moves from Tennessee to Chicago, hoping to leave the racism and hatred of the South behind. Series: Dear America (J SERIES DEAR AMERICA)


The Journal of Ben Uchida: Citizen 13559 Mirror Lake Interment Camp / Barry Denenberg

Twelve-year-old Ben Uchida keeps a journal of his experiences as a prisoner in a Japanese internment camp in Mirror Lake, California, during World War II. Series: My Name is America (J SERIES MY NAME)


Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles / Kathryn Lasky

In 1769, thirteen-year-old Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, daughter of Empress Maria Theresa, begins a journal chronicling her life at the Austrian court and her preparations for her future role as queen of France. Series: Royal Diaries (J SERIES ROYAL)


Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi / Jason Fry 

Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 are stranded on a mysterious planet where a strange villain challenges Luke to a duel. Series: Star Wars (J SERIES STAR WARS)



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