Spotlight On: Children’s Nonfiction DVDs

Children’s Nonfiction DVDs: We have a collection of nonfiction DVDs that are geared towards children. They range from Magic School Bus, to Bill Nye the Science Guy, and from sports for kids to sign language. The DVDs are located in the children’s area, on the first shelving unit when you walk in and then on a smaller bookshelf right past the puppet kits.

Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals

As babies continue to explore the world around them, they soon encounter many creatures, both large and small, that are extremely intriguing. Whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or smooth, each holds a special fascination. Neighborhood Animals exposes little ones to animals most likely to be found close to home or in easily recognized environments. With a captivating combination of live-action footage, stimulating, colorful images and engaging puppet shows accompanied by beautiful classical music, this wonderful introduction to familiar animal life will provide you and your baby with countless opportunities to discover a world of engaging creatures together in and near your own backyard! (E DVD 372.21 BAB)

Baby Signing Time: A New Day

The Baby Signing Time Series combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies – all age two and under – to make signing easy and fun. Baby Signing Time is a great first step into signing. Or, add Baby Signing Time to your existing Signing Time collection for more reinforcement for those beginning signs and additional songs. (E DVD 419.7 BAB #3)

School House Rock: Grammar

The series that taught a generation of students about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs is back in a special classroom edition! Includes favorite songs like Conjunction Junction and Unpack Your Adjectives. (J DVD 428.2 SCH)


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Volcanoes

Bill Nye the Science Guy explores the hot-hot-hot world of volcanoes in this episode of the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel series, featuring an interactive question-and-answer format and hands-on activities. In this episode, Bill defines volcanoes, explains how they’re formed and explores the different types that exist. (J DVD 551.21 NYE)

Eyewitness DVD: Ocean

Visit the alien world of the deep and the creatures that live there: fish, invertebrates, corals, mammals, plants, and more. This 60-minute video features simple discussions of scientific concepts, and guides viewers through a three-dimensional “virtual museum” of the least-explored zone on our planet. (J DVD 551.461 OCE)

The Magic School Bus: Cracks a Yolk

The principal, Mr. Ruhle, leaves his beloved chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann’s care. The Friz takes the class on a field trip to see how eggs are made. (J DVD 570 MAG)


Adventures with Trains

Want to be a train engineer? Ride the rails sitting right up front in the engine compartment of a steam locomotive in Adventures with Trains! Board an actual working diesel, meet a real engineer and chug, chug, chug along with an old steamer as it clickety-clacks down the tracks. Adventures with Trains will be a fast favorite for youngsters fascinated with the classic choo-choo! (J DVD 625.1 ADV)

No More Diapers: For Boys and Girls

A delightful animated story about a little bear who gives up diapers for big kid underwear. A proven toilet training aid, No More Diapers is guaranteed to jump-start your child’s potty training. (J DVD 649.62 NOM)


Rainy Day Art

Embark on an Art Adventure! Spend a day with Cherie Lynn as she shows you and your kids how to have fun creating art. Follow along her step-by-step instruction to create your own journals and diaries, picture frames, murals, puppets, musical instruments, masks and more. Even create a funky creature using your very own name! (J DVD 745 RAI)

Sid’s Backyard Campout

Pack some food and bring your backpack because Sid, Gerald, and Dad are gearing up for a big adventure! They’re setting up tents for a campout in the backyard! Dad is eager to share his love of nature and demonstrates how to have a great time outside with the simplest of necessities. They look for animals, cook their own dinner, marvel at the stars in the sky, roast marshmallows, and sing songs around the campfire. Join the adventure and sing along! (J DVD 796.54 SID)

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