Spotlight On: Children’s Bins Chapter Books

Children’s Bins Chapter Books: In our children’s area, we have a selection of chapter books that are located in bins. These consist of beginning chapter books, as well as different categories of books. For example this includes The Magic Tree House; Rainbow Magic Fairy, and Bailey School Kids series, as well as other series. Each bin is numbered, and the books have their bin number on the top right corner of each book, in bright green. These bins are located on the left hand side of the children’s area, two shelves in, underneath the new Children’s fiction and Children’s Series.

The Mystery of the Missing Dog / Elizabeth Levy

When an invisible dog “disappears” from a local show, the young sleuths from Invisible Inc. must employ the help of their invisible associate in order to solve the mystery. (Bin 8 Beginner Chapter Books)


Ghosts Don’t Eat Potato Chips / Debbie Dadey

Spooky things are happening in Aunt Matilda’s house. Potato chips on the floor are spelling out secret messages and forming trails. And if Aunt Matilda is snoring in her bed, then who is whistling a tune? There must be a ghost in Aunt Matilda’s house. (Bin 10 Bailey School Kids Series)


Bella / Ellen Miles

Lizzie and her family take in Bella, a newborn cocker spaniel, as a foster dog, but Lizzie doubts her ability to care for a dog as young and ill as Bella. (Bin 14 Puppy Place Series)


Sunset of the Sabertooth / Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house transports Jack and Annie on a mission to the Ice Age where they encounter Cro-Magnons, cave bears, sabertooth tigers, and woolly mammoths. (Bin 17 Magic Tree House Series)


Can You Survive the Desert? / Matt Doeden

This book describes the fight for survival while exploring the Sahara, Sonora, and Gobi Deserts. (Bin 20 Choose Your Own Adventure)



Arthur and the Popularity Test / Stephen Krensky

Fern and Sue Ellen change their personalities after taking a magazine popularity test. (Bin 21 Arthur)



Meet the Superhero Squad / Lucy Rosen

Enter Super Hero City and meet all your favorite Super Heroes, from Iron Man to Spider-Man and from Hulk to Wolverine. Find out who SMASHES and CRASHES his way to victory, who BLAZES past bad guys, and who tells his friends to ‘ARMOR UP! (Bin 24 Superheros)


Horse Sense / Bonnie Bryant

Lisa comes up with some new rules for the Saddle Club that threaten to destroy her relationship with her two best friends, fellow members Carole and Stevie. (Bin 25 Saddle Club)


Pirate School: Ahoy, Ghost Ship Ahead! / Brian James

While on lookout duty, the students of Pirate School spy a ghost ship following them, and when they bravely board it they receive a warning that may save their lives, if only they can convince Rotten Tooth or the captain that danger lies ahead. (Bin 27 Pirates)


Evie the Mist Fairy / Daisy Meadows

Evie, the mist fairy might have caused Wetherbury to get all fogged up by losing her feather, and the weather fairies must bring back the good weather. (Bin 30 Rainbow Magic Fairy Series)


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ~C.S. Lewis

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