Spotlight On: Browsing (Adult)

Browsing (Adult): Our browsing section consists of extra copies of new and popular books. We have both Adult Fiction and Nonfiction. These books cannot be placed on hold, or renewed, but you do get them for 3 weeks. Every browsing book has blue tape on the top of the spine that says “3-Week Browsing.” These books are located on the first shelf in our new book area, with fiction on the main shelves, and nonfiction along the top. We keep books in the browsing section for about one year.

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat / Mark Hyman

In Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? — his most comprehensive book yet — he takes a close look at every food group and explains what we’ve gotten wrong, revealing which foods nurture our health and which pose a threat. From grains to legumes, meat to dairy, fats to artificial sweeteners, and beyond, Dr. Hyman debunks misconceptions and breaks down the fascinating science in his signature accessible style. (613.2 HYM)

Grant / Ron Chernow

Presents a meticulously researched portrait of the complicated Civil War general and 18th President, challenging the views of his critics while sharing insights into his prowess as a military leader, the honor with which he conducted his administration and the rise and fall of his fortunes. (921 GRANT)

The Deceivers / Alex Berenson

In the wake of a fatal incident in Dallas that may have been staged to look like a terrorist attack, former CIA agent John Wells is dispatched to Colombia to collect information from an old asset, a mission involving an audacious Russian plot that proves to be the most deadly of his career. (FIC BERENSON)

Don’t Let Go / Harlan Coben

When he gets a lead on Maura, an ex who left him without explanation fifteen years earlier, Nap Dumas searches for answers and uncovers dark secrets about the woman he once loved and the real reason behind his twin brother’s death. (FIC COBEN)


Into the Water / Paula Hawkins

When a single mom and a teen girl are found murdered at the bottom of a river in a small town weeks apart, an ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated local history involving human instincts and the damage they can inflict. (FIC HAWKINS)


An American Marriage / Tayari Jones

Celestial and Roy are newly married professionals leaning in to a bright future when Roy is convicted of a crime he did not commit. This is not a heroes vs. villains tale with a tidy resolution. It is a complicated, messy, moving, and thought-provoking story about love, family, and the wide-reaching effects of incarceration. (FIC JONES)

Fifty Fifty / James Patterson

It’s not easy being a good detective – when your brother’s a serial killer. Sam Blue stands accused of the brutal murders of three young students, their bodies dumped near the Georges River. Only one person believes he is innocent- his sister, Detective Harriet Blue. And she’s determined to prove it. Except she’s now been banished to the outback town of Last Chance Valley (population 75), where a diary found on the roadside outlines a shocking plan – the massacre of the entire town. And the first death, shortly after Harry’s arrival, suggests the clock is already ticking. Meanwhile, back in Sydney, a young woman holds the key to crack Sam’s case wide open. If only she could escape the madman holding her hostage… (FIC PATTERSON)

Dark in Death / J.D. Robb

When a young woman is brutally murdered while attending a screening of “Psycho” at Times Square, Eve Dallas is contacted by a writer of crime fiction who recognizes the case, and other recent killings, from storylines in her books. (FIC ROBB)


You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories / Curtis Sittenfeld

In her thoroughly satisfying first collection, Sittenfeld (Eligible) spins magic out of the short story form. Bookended by tales concerning the election of Donald Trump, the collection comfortably situates itself in contemporary America, focusing on female protagonists navigating friendships, family, politics, and social media. (FIC SITTENFELD)

All the Beautiful Lies / Peter Swanson

Harry Ackerson rushes to his childhood home in Kennewick, Maine, after learning that his father has died from a fall off of his favorite cliff walk. In Kennewick, Harry becomes the crutch for his femme-fatale stepmother, Alice, whose grief takes the uncomfortable form of sexual attraction toward Harry. When Bill Ackerson’s autopsy reveals the death was a homicide, Alice insists that Bill was killed by a woman she’s certain was Bill’s mistress. But Harry questions her story after meeting Grace, a mysterious young woman from New York who reveals that she and Bill were in love. (FIC SWANSON)

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