Snowpiercer (2013)

Reviewed by Anonymous

The 2013 film version of Snowpiercer was tactful in saying that it was “inspired” by the graphic novel. Because the film creates a whole new story and characters, with some characters loosely based off ones from the graphic novel. The basic plot is the same from the graphic novel but with different companions and slightly different motivations. I personally didn’t like this film overall. I didn’t hate everything about it but I felt the rich and powerful people on the train to be foolishly cartoonish. In the graphic novel the antagonists were fueled by normal human faults like greed, lust or power. But in the film I felt like the antagonists were evil just because “it’s fun”. The ending is also very different between the graphic novel and the film. Without spoiling what happens, I’ll just say that it felt very cobbled together into a “happily ever after” ending. Which to me undercuts the poignantly tragic story that the graphic novel did so well. If you like the premise and/or the setting of the film I strongly recommend you read the graphic novel.


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