Sardines of Love by Zurine Aguirre

Reviewed by Diane Basting (Library Staff)

Grandpa Lolo loves sardines so very much so, that it’s all he eats! Grandma Lola is not fond of sardines after selling them all day. One day Lola ran out of sardines at the sardine stand so had to go fish for them. She didn’t catch any sardines that day but she did meet Jeff the octopus who taught her to love sardines and Grandpa Lolo to love Lola more then he loves sardines.

Cute simple color saturated illustrations help this story move along, with a lot of pages and similar character names. I would suggest this one for a slightly older listener/reader to get all the nuances and little jokes along the illustrated way then the 2 year old I read with.

Located in Children’s Picture Books (E AGUIRRE)

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