Rhythm Section (2020)

Reviewed by Cassidy Hammel (Library Staff)

Quick review: Save yourself the time and skip this one!

Long review: I love a good underdog story. Everyone can relate to a time when they weren’t taken seriously, were taken advantage of or were not given the time of day. These movies generally begin in such a fashion while slowly unfolding the tribulations that left the main character this way and their journey to overcome it. That is more or less what I expected to find from the movie Rhythm Section and it does deliver, albeit in a lousy and unbelievable fashion. First of all, the wigs in this movie did me in! Noticeably fake from the very beginning, I kept wondering how the wardrobe department couldn’t find the room in their budget for realistic wigs. The main character, played by Blake Lively (I know! I was expecting better from her too), is bent on seeking revenge for her family. Again, I can get behind this, but her struggle for a Liam Neeson style, “special set of skills” is laughably short and then we are to believe she’s some master of combat. I wasn’t impressed and advise watchers to skip this film and take a chance with something else.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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